Beavercreek Police levy up for vote in May 2023 after city passes resolution

BEAVERCREEK — Beavercreek City Council will place a police levy on the May 2023 ballot for vote.

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The council passed the resolution 23-7 for residents to vote on a 1.8 mills police levy Monday, January 23.

Funds generated in the levy will reportedly be used to “increase the Beavercreek Police Department’s service levels,” which will include hiring five additional officers and purchasing equipment, the agency’s spokesperson said. Funds will not be used to build new buildings.

“While the ballot language allows the city to use levy funds to maintain its current police department building, funds generated from this levy do not include funding for a new facility,” City Manager Pete Landrum said.

“The need for a new police department building remains, but right now, the city is focused on obtaining the proper funds to maintain and increase the department’s service levels,” Landrum continued.

The levy, if approved, would raise property taxes by $63 per $100,000 of appraised property value starting in 2024.

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Proponents of the levy argued that the department would need to raise property taxes in order to obtain more funding.

The Beavercreek Police Department is primarily funded by property taxes, representing 92 percent of the annual funding, the spokesperson said. Approximately $8.9 million, or 75 percent of the budget, is used for personnel costs, while the remainder spent supports operations, including the necessary equipment and capital.

Currently, the department is authorized to have 50 officers to serve a city of about 47,000 residents, equating to about four to six officers on duty at a given time.

Officials for the department want to increase personnel to better serve the higher call volumes from “two major shopping areas, I-675 and U.S. 35, expanding business and residential sectors, and proximity to Wright State University and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,” a spokesperson wrote on the city’s website.

“Our city has experienced significant growth over the last few decades, but the size of our police force has remained the same,” Beavercreek Police Chief Jeff Fiorita said. “The levy will provide the funds necessary to hire additional officers to protect and serve the community.”

Additional information about the levy can be found on Beavercreek’s website.