Back to School: Miamisburg schools start classes, safety on the radar

Back to School: Miamisburg schools start classes, safety on the radar

MIAMISBURG — Miamisburg students headed back to school Wednesday, marking one of the first local districts to return to the classroom for the new school year.  As students arrived this morning, school safety was on the mind of parents.

“Safety is a big issue.  All the things going on in school today,” said Alisha Rose, who was nervous about dropping off their 5-year-old daughter for her first day of Kindergarten at Chance Elementary.

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Safety lessons for students started on the outside of the schools, with adults outside welcoming students and teaching them how to safely cross the street.

Chance Elementary Principal Dale Geyer said the safety lessons also continue once students are inside, including planned fire and tornado drills during the first five days of classes.

Geyer also said the school is working with students to ensure they can navigate the building safely.  School officials also are teaching the acronym BARK, which stands for being responsible, acting with kindness, respecting others and keeping safe.

Details of the school’s plans should a threat of violence weren’t detailed by Geyer, however he said the district spends a lot of time making sure students stay safe.

“Once you advertise what your plan is, it’s no longer a plan,” he said.

Jefferson Twp. schools also began classes Wednesday.  Several districts, including Dayton, Trotwood, Beavercreek, Centerville, Huber Heights and Eaton begin classes next week.