Area schools facing helmet, equipment shortage

MIAMI VALLEY — Several area school districts have said they are struggling to get helmet’s for their football teams.

Local sports teams have been the latest victims of pandemic supply chain issues.

“We’ve experienced the same issues at pretty much every school in the Miami Valley and really probably across the state,” Rob Dement, Centerville High School athletics director said.

News Center 7 reached out to other schools in the Miami Valley to see if they are facing similar problems.

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In a statement, Kettering City Schools said both middle and high schools did not had any issues getting sufficient equipment.

Huber Heights City schools said they were able to get all the supplies they needed for 7-12 grades, but it wasn’t easy.

Dement said their Riddell representative helped them get enough equipment to practice.

“He went out and made sure that we got helmets from other schools, we got shoulder pads from other schools, until we could get our supply in there,” Dement said.

A local doctor said using equipment with the wrong fit could increase the risk of injury.

“Anytime you get a concussion, there’s a potential for permanent issues there,” Dr. Joseph Allen, regional medical director at Premier Health said.

News Center 7 reached out to several local colleges but has yet to hear back.