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911 caller recalls moments before 2 killed in wrong-way crash

Published: Wednesday, October 18, 2017 @ 12:47 PM


A 911 caller can’t stop thinking about what he could have done to possibly stop a wrong-way driver from causing a crash that killed two people Monday night.

“I knew at that point there was going to be a major collision,” said Richard Newland, who described the moments after he saw Melvin Bonie, 69, turn the wrong way onto the ramp from south Interstate 675 to Far Hills Avenue.  “I probably should have pulled in front of him to stop him from going down the ramp.”

Newland was waiting at a red light at the same ramp, when Bonie passed his vehicle at a relatively slow speed, he said.

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Bonie ultimately drove the wrong way down the highway, colliding with another vehicle, killing both Bonie and 19-year-old Kalip Grimm, police said.

Police have not yet determined why Bonie entered the highway driving the wrong direction. However, Newland said from his perspective it seemed he entered the highway intentionally.

“No mistaking that it was deliberate,” Newland said.  “It wasn’t like he was lost.”

Newland said Bonie came within two feet of striking his vehicle.

A final autopsy from the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office should reveal additional information into how and why Bonie may have died.

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Police: Juveniles tied up during Huber Heights home invasion robbery

Published: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 @ 8:59 AM
Updated: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 @ 9:12 AM

Two male juveniles were found tied up inside the Huber Heights home after a home invasion around 4:00 am Tuesday morning.

UPDATE @ 9:10 a.m.: 

Police are investigating a home invasion robbery where two juvenile males were tied up in Huber Heights Tuesday morning. 

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Around 4 a.m., two men broke into the home in the 6500 block of Shull Road in Huber Heights, and tied up two juveniles inside the home, according to Huber Heights police Lt. Matt Dulaney. 

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The men ransacked the house before fleeing the area, Dulaney said. 

The juveniles were able to break free and called police around 8:30 a.m. Investigators said neither of the juveniles was injured. 

Police are in the process of locating the juveniles’ father, who was not home when police arrived. It was not known if the father was in any danger. Dulaney said police are now just attempting to locate and make contact with the father. 

We’ll continue to update this page as we learn more. 

Marshall Gorby/Staff


We’re working to learn more about an active police investigation at a Huber Heights home on Shull Road Tuesday morning. 

Police responded to the home in the 6500 block of Shull Road around 8:30 a.m. after receiving reports that a family was found tied up inside the home, according to police scanner traffic. 

The incident is believed to have occurred around 4 a.m., according to initial  reports. 

No injuries have been initially reported. 

We have a crew on the scene and we’ll update this page as we learn more. 

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Ex-youth soccer coach makes first appearance in court

Published: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 @ 9:10 AM

The former president of the Southwest Soccer Club in Germantown indicted on multiple sex-related charges pleaded not guilty in court and was released on his own recognizance.

Justin K. Smith, 41, was charged with two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, two counts of sexual battery, and two counts of sexual imposition, according to a report from the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office. 

Smith was silent during his arraignment in court as his attorney entered the plea on his behalf.

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Prosecutor’s objected to Smith being released on his own recognizance, citing that he would have access to technology to contact the victim in the case and still poses a threat.  The court kept the own-recognizance bond for Smith.

Smith was ordered not to have contact with the victim.

Prosecutors said the victim is a 14-year-old girl whom Smith coached at the soccer club. 

Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer said the teen’s parents alerted authorities to the relationship after they found communication between the girl and Smith on her phone and social media. The relationship was said to have lasted about five months, Plummer said.

Smith is not currently listed in custody. He is scheduled to be arraigned May 31.

Smith is an employee with the Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services and was placed on administrative leave, according to the prosecutor’s office. 

None of the alleged incidents Smith was indicted for occurred at his place of employment, Prosecutor Mat Heck stated in a release. 

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‘What Had Happened Was’ podcast: Cackle vs. Cancer — the world with Alexis Larsen and Kristen Wicker

Published: Wednesday, May 09, 2018 @ 10:27 AM

Amelia Robinson, Kristen Wicker and Alexis Larsen credited Cackle, a laughing club.
Photo: Amelia Robinson
Amelia Robinson, Kristen Wicker and Alexis Larsen credited Cackle, a laughing club.(Photo: Amelia Robinson)

A good cackle can go a long way even when times get tough and the painkillers aren’t exactly working.


“What Had Happened Was” host Amelia Robinson laughed it out (A LOT) with Kristen Wicker and Dayton Daily News food contributor Alexis Larsen, her co-conspirators in Cackle, a laughing club. 

The trio has called on the power that is laughter in so many good times and some pretty bad ones.

Amelia Robinson, Kristen Wicker and Alexis Larsen credited Cackle, a laughing club.(Source: Kristen Wicker)

What’s funnier than getting a port put in for cancer treatment? Joking that you are at the hospital to be turned into a straight-up Borg from “Star Trek.” 

>> The gift of cancer: Why I’ve never felt luckier

What’s funnier than being diagnosed with 70 fibroid tumors? Being teased for not making it to 80.   

>> Why it’s not OK to ask someone if they’re having kids

In good times and bad, cackle it out and wear costumes. 


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If you like what you hear, rate this podcast. 


“What Had Happened Was” is a podcast for Dayton, powered by You won't believe the stories that come from right here. Host Amelia Robinson shares the best tales from the Gem City, Land of Funk and Birthplace of Aviation: Dayton, Ohio. 

This podcast is brought to you by Cox Digital Marketing


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Amelia Robinson, Kristen Wicker and Alexis Larsen credited Cackle, a laughing club.(Source: Alexis Larsen)

Amelia Robinson, Kristen Wicker and Alexis Larsen credited Cackle, a laughing club.(Source: Kristen Wicker)

Amelia Robinson, Kristen Wicker and Alexis Larsen credited Cackle, a laughing club.(Amelia Robinson)

Amelia Robinson, Kristen Wicker and Alexis Larsen credited Cackle, a laughing club.

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$60M luxury community to be built on Sugarcreek golf course

Published: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 @ 9:44 AM

Staff photo
(Staff photo)

Plans are moving forward in Sugarcreek Twp. to build a senior living facility as well as apartments, town homes and duplexes on land currently devoted to the game of golf.

A sign in front of the Rollandia Golf Center, 4990 Wilmington Pike, tells passersby The Grand of Sugarcreek is taking reservations for senior citizens looking for independent/assisted living or memory care residential accommodations.

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Earlier this month, township trustees approved plans to build the the luxury senior living facility, a $60 million project, said Cara Tilford, Sugarcreek director of planning and zoning.

The project calls for 200 senior housing units on 10 acres of the golf course, township officials said.


The developer, Guttman Properties, is partnering with Civitas Senior Living to manage the senior living community.

Guttman Properties ultimately plans to build on a total of 42 acres at the site, adding 250 multi-family apartments and 40 to 50 duplexes.

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The Magic Castle, a mini-golf and special events venue, is not closing, according to its website.

The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by the summer of 2019. 

This news organization is working to learn more about the future of the Rollandia site.

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