10th congressional district candidates discuss immigration, election

Undocumented immigrants moving to northern states has turned into a campaign issue.

Especially in the 10th District race where Mike Turner is the incumbent.

News Center 7′s Mike Campbell talked with both candidates wanting this U.S. House seat.

The debate over the steps taken by Governor Greg Abbott and Governor Ron DeSantis is causing conversation all across the country and in Dayton.

“Just in the last year two million people were captured walking across the border,” Turner said.

Turner said he went to the southern border in July and the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Border Patrol showed him what he called an “overwhelming problem.”

“In the Dayton and Springfield area there are 1.2 million people, that means more people than reside in Dayton and Springfield have walked across the border,” he said.

He said this is putting tremendous pressure on border towns and states.

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“If we are going to have a debate on border policy and how we secure our border, everyone needs to see the impact, everyone needs to see the impact of this, not just our border towns” he said.

David Esrati is Turner’s opponent this November.

He said he is not surprised about what is happening at our southern border.

“The situation at the southern border has been going on a lot longer than the last 20 years that Mike Turners been in office,” Esrati said.

Esrati is the Democratic Party nominees for Congress but said he is getting almost no support from his party.

The army veteran and long-time community activist said both parties and all people need to look deeper for true solutions.

“Mike Turner does not have a solution, no answers, neither do the Southern governors and yes, there is a problem with the Southern border but the problem is why they are coming,” Esrati said

Turner said The U.S. has a long history of welcoming legal immigration, but he doesn’t believe that’s what is happening now.

Early voting for this congressional race and any others will begin 30 days before the election.