Images, developments from Afghanistan impacting Miami Valley’s Muslim residents

MIAMI VALLEY — As the world watches the recent developments in Afghanistan, Muslim residents in the Miami Valley are discussing the impact the dramatic images are having on them.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan nearly two weeks before the set date for United States troops to withdraw from the country on Aug. 31.

Ahmad Abbas, formerly of Iraq, told News Center 7′s Michael Gordon that the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan made him “very sad” as it reminded him of all his native nation has endured.

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Abbas, who works at International Halal Market, said the developments make him especially upset for the women of the nation.

“The woman have to learn, to teach, to go make business for anywhere, they have to,” Abbas said.

Abbas said those rights were now in danger as the Taliban have oppressed women’s rights in the past.

Mohammad Rihan, formerly of Jordan, said “every human being’s life” was very important in their religion, so the images coming out of Afghanistan have been difficult to see.

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“The religion tells us saving a soul is like saving the whole humanity so I do not want to see trouble anywhere in the world especially Afghanistan,” Rihan said.

As difficult images continue to come out of Afghanistan, Abbas said he hopes for peace.