Happy birthday? Celebrating with social distancing

It’s an unusual time to have a birthday party.

Social distancing and coronavirus restrictions mean new ways of celebrating. One family shared what they’ve been doing with News Center 7’s James Rider… who happened to be celebrating his own birthday Tuesday.

He spoke with Sarah Fiebiger family in Casstown. Her daughter, Kinzie, is turning 10. "She understands with mom being a medical assistant, being in that field, she kind of gets more of a perspective and understands why we can't do it for the safety of everyone and try to keep all the families safe," said Sarah Fiebiger. She works in pediatrics.

Kinzie has been working on spending more time with her favorite animals since she has been out of school, as the family lives on a farm. She gets to have a new favorite animal to enjoy. "I sent you the picture of her with her horse,” Sarah told James. “We actually surprised her with that, and we brought him home earlier than expected; that way she would have him there."

Kinzie says she’s excited about the gift, but is sad her friends can’t come to her party. "But I know my family loves me and I do feel loved,” Kinzie said. “I wish I could see my grandma but she's in the nursing home."

Sarah, working in pediatrics, sees the challenge for families. "It's sad, it's a sad time for everybody, and just everybody stays safe and healthy is the most important time to worry about that," she said.

What ideas do you have for helping kids have happy birthday parties during this time? You can share them with News Center 7's James Rider on his facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/JRiderWHIO/.