Glen Helen Nature Preserve reopens to public with new ownership

YELLOW SPRINGS — Glen Helen Association now owns Glen Helen Nature Preserve. The Association purchased the 1,000 acre property from Antioch College. The Glen Helen Association has launched a $3.5 million capital campaign to pay for the property, maintain trails and restart public and school programs that were stopped due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

“It’s daunting that we have the keys to the trees in a pandemic,” said Nick Boutis, Executive Director of the Glenn Helen Association. “It will be awhile before we can have 6th graders in the outdoor education center and bring kids into our program again,” said Boutis.

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Glen Helen closed in March due to coronavirus concerns. The nature preserve reopened September 9th with safety precautions in place to help visitors practice social distancing.

On Friday, September 11th, the trails will be open from 3 pm to 7 pm. Beginning Saturday, September 12th, the trails will be open from dawn to dusk. Many of the trails will be one way with signs posted to guide guests in the correct direction. Visitors are also asked to wear a mask if they come within 6ft of someone else. Restrooms will also remain closed.

“The past 6 years I’ve come almost every day, weather permitting. I would sit with my favorite trees. I’m not really a Glen hiker. I’m a Glen sitter”, said Scott Landing.

For more information about the Glen Helen Association and its capital campaign visit