Dog abuse: Man enters plea in Xenia animal cruelty case

Published: Thursday, September 28, 2017 @ 12:24 PM

Dog abuse: Man enters plea in Xenia animal cruelty case

Update@2 p.m. (Oct. 27):

A man accused of causing serious harm to a 13-week-old dog named Willow in August pleaded not guilty to animal abuse Friday, officials said.

Matthew Bolen could spend up to one year in prison if he’s convicted. His bond was continued at $5,000.

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The is the first time a person has been charged with a felony concerning animal abuse in Greene County since new law was introduced in 2016, officials said. 

First report: 

Nearly a month after an arrest warrant was issued, a man has turned himself in related to charges of animal abuse. 

The 13-week-old dog, named Willow, underwent emergency surgery and has been healing since mid-August.

Leah Lind, a Xenia victim advocate who has been acting as Willow’s “mom,” said Willow has been doing great. 

“She’s very sweet considering what she’s been through,” Lind said.

Matthew Bolen turned himself into police over the weekend, reports News Center 7’s Gabrielle Enright. He faces a felony count of causing serious harm to a companion animal. He has posted bond and is not in jail.

Willow is now taking part in physical therapy and learning to play with other dogs. 

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Lind said the Xenia law director would like to get Willow trained as a service dog to help other animals that have been abused.

Willow's injuries were significant — a broken knee, displaced hip and a fragmented bone that goes into the hip socket.