Cloudy with a Chance of Podcast: Storm Talk with Chief Meteorologist from Tulsa

Fox 23 Chief Meteorologist James Aydelott from Tulsa, Oklahoma called into Cloudy with a Chance of Podcast to talk Meteorologist McCall Vrydaghs and Kirstie Zontini about his experiences as a chief in “tornado alley.”

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James explained he's a fourth generation Okie (a native to Oklahoma). Aydelott said growing up in state that experiences violent storms, people grew accustomed to seeing what mother nature was all about.

"It's kind of what everybody in Oklahoma seems to do, there's a warning issued, and everybody grabs a camera and heads to the porch," said James Aydelott. 

Now-a-days he's on television, the radio, and social media making sure the people of Tulsa are getting all the severe weather warnings in an accurate and clear-cut way. James has worked in Dallas, Wichita and Sherman Texas. He enjoys being in his home market and has even told his mother once to get into their basement during severe weather coverage when he realized a tornadic storm was moving near his childhood home!

Aydelott is not only a meteorologist, he's also a pilot and his pursuing his Masters in Emergency Management. Aydelott talked about a paper he was working on where he examined what happened with the EF-5 tornado that destroyed Joplin, Missouri. He is working towards making sure warnings are not only good and accurate but also easy for everyone to understand.

James dives deep into what he's learned over the years as a Chief meteorologist, what his team does to get ready for team coverage and what he has learned as he continues to pursue his Masters.

Aydelott loves his coffee so grab a cup and tune into Cloudy with a Chance of Podcast!

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