Delta Aquarids meteor shower visible this weekend

Delta Aquarids meteor shower

MIAMI VALLEY — This weekend will be the perfect opportunity to stargaze as the Delta Aquarids meteor shower will be visible.

The meteor shower will be visible Friday through Tuesday and will peak near July 28.

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The best time to see the shower will be around midnight through dawn.

There could be up to 10 meteors per hour visible!

You will need to look to the southern sky to see them.

Finding a dark place will be best when trying to view the shower.

There may be some clouds Friday night, but Saturday night will have mostly clear skies in the Miami Valley.

However, there will be slightly more cloud cover Sunday night.

This weekend will still provide us with an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the meteor shower.

The Delta Aquarids will also be visible in the Southern hemisphere.

If you can snatch a picture of the meteors, be sure to send us your photos. Use the hashtag #SkyWitness7.