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WATCH: Celina tornado captured on cell phone

Published: Wednesday, November 08, 2017 @ 2:58 PM
By: Breaking News Staff

A Celina man captured the EF2 tornado moments before it hit a shopping center Sunday afternoon.

Douglas Thomas shared his video with WHIO’s Sean Cudahy today. Thomas said at the time he pulled out his phone to record, he didn’t realize how dangerous the situation actually was.


“"I just looked off to my left and seen this other funnel cloud over on the left, i pulled out my phone and started videotaping it,” said Thomas.

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Moments after the recording began, you see it turn toward the ground. That’s when Douglas decided it was time to get away from the danger.

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"I'm an old man I don't run good anymore," added Thomas.

Cleanup is still ongoing in Celina, and it is too soon to estimate the total damage caused by Sunday’s tornados.