Springfield police investigate butcher knife stabbing incident involving husband, wife

Published: Friday, June 22, 2018 @ 10:55 AM

            Springfield News-Sun
Springfield News-Sun

A Springfield man was reportedly stabbed in the arm during a domestic dispute by his wife, although investigators are unsure who the primary aggressor was during the incident, according to a police report.

Springfield police began their investigation on Wednesday at around 3 p.m. when they were called to a home on the 1500 block of Shelby Drive. There, they met with a woman who allegedly stabbed her husband.

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She told officers the two had gotten into an argument, according to the report.

“(She) said … after being thrown around, she grabbed a knife for her protection,” the report said. “(She) said while she was in the bathroom, (her husband) came at her. (She) said she raised a butcher knife at him and stabbed him once in the arm.”

Officers tried asking the woman follow up questions, such as what she meant by being thrown around or if she could go into more detail about how he came at her, but she was didn’t answer, the report said.

“I asked her several times how he was throwing her around the house, but (she) would just stare at me and not give an answer,” the report says.

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She had no signs of visible injury, the report says, and when asked by officers if she was hurt she told them she was not injured.

When officers talked to the husband, according to the report, he said it was an accident.

“(The husband) told (police) a completely different story and that it was accidental and changed the story several times as to how he got cut,” the report said.

Officers decided not to arrest anyone, the report said.

“Due to conflicting statements from (the husband) and (the wife) not being truthful as to what happened, no charges were filed,” the report said.