Serial rapist in Ohio prison linked to cold case in Richmond

Serial rapist transferred to Wayne County

A convicted serial rapist already serving a 15- to 125-year prison sentence could be facing new charges in a 30-year-old case.

Richard Gwinn will now be charged with a cold case rape in Richmond, Indiana. He was moved to the Wayne County Jail in Richmond from his prison cell at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution.

Gwinn, who has admitted to committing no less than 30 rapes, has been locked up since 1990. He will be up for parole in 2020. The prison sentence he is serving are for rapes and burglaries in Auglaize, Shelby, Clark and Hamilton counties.

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The Richmond rape was committed in 1987 but police did not make a link to Gwinn until 2013 when he already was incarcerated. Gwinn confessed to beating, binding and raping a woman in her bedroom investigators reported.

Gwinn told police that he would chose victims randomly. He selected Wayne County for a crime because "nobody knew him there."

Even if Gwinn gets out of prison in Ohio, he will be headed straight back to a Florida penitentiary to serve two life sentences for rape convictions in that state.

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