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Friend: Budget rental truck driver ran over man's body, kept going

Published: Friday, January 12, 2018 @ 5:11 PM


David Saintiague cradled his friend, Derek Adams, in his arms until he took his last breath.

It was all Saintiague could do after seeing a Budget rental truck driver hit and kill his friend — and keep going.

“You can’t leave somebody in that situation like that by themselves,” Saintiague told WSBTV.

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The friends were headed to a bar Dec. 30 when the truck slammed into Adams’ motorcycle, driving over his body and the bike, a DeKalb County police traffic report states.

Saintiague told WSBTV there were a lot of sparks during the crash and all he could see was the driver speeding away after apparently running over the body.

Adams, 27, was motionless in the intersection of North Decatur Road and Warren Avenue. About 10:15 p.m., police said he “was beyond medical treatment.” 

“I was trying to process everything going on,” Saintiague said. “(I was) in shock, trying to call 911 and call his name to get him to respond.”

No arrests have been made.

The rental company has been cooperative with the investigation, WSBTV reported.

“To know he was in the street gasping for his last breath, it really hurts,” Saintiague said. 

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Springfield man sentenced for impregnating 13-year-old

Published: Monday, May 21, 2018 @ 8:35 AM
Updated: Monday, May 21, 2018 @ 1:33 PM

Springfield man sentenced for impregnating 13-year-old girl

UPDATE 1 p.m.

Preston McQuinn went before Clark County Common Pleas Court Judge Douglas Rastatter Monday. McQuinn pleaded guilty to a count of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor in April, according to online court records.

Along with having to serve two years community control, McQuinn must also obtain his GED, maintain employment, and was ordered to pay child support for the baby he fathered in the case, according to Clark County Assistant Prosecutor Andrew Picek.

He will also be a tier II sex offender for 25 years, Picek said.

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“If he violates the terms of his community control, he will be sentenced to one year in prison,” Clark County Assistant Prosecutor Andrew Picek said.

Earlier report

A 20-year-old Springfield man will be sentenced today for impregnating a 13-year-old he met at school.

Preston McQuinn will go before Clark County Common Pleas Court Judge Douglas Rastatter today at 8:30 a.m. McQuinn pleaded guilty to a count of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor in April, according to online court records.

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A Springfield police report says officers responded to a call of suspicious activity on North Limestone Street in August of 2017. There, they found McQuinn and the 14-year-old, according to the report.

Officers called the girl’s mother who told officers she had warned her daughter to stay away from him.

“When (the mother) arrived on the scene, I informed her that her daughter snuck out of the house and was found with a 19-year-old,” the report says. “(The mother) immediately knew who I was referring to. (The mother) continued by explaining her daughter was impregnated by (him).”

Law enforcement conducted an interview with the girl who told police that McQuinn didn’t know her age when they had “consensual sex” the report says.

McQuinn would have been 19 years old and the girl 13 years old at the time the baby was conceived, the report says.

“(The girl) stated that they did have sexual intercourse after he found out she was not 16,” the report says.

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The child was born in November, according to the affidavit, and McQuinn is the father.

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Child rapist believed to have attacked up to 100 kids is no longer a threat, doctors say

Published: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 @ 4:49 AM

Officials with the Massachusetts Department of Correction said Wayne Chapman was recently evaluated by qualified mental health examiners who ruled he is no longer a threat to children.
Officials with the Massachusetts Department of Correction said Wayne Chapman was recently evaluated by qualified mental health examiners who ruled he is no longer a threat to children.(

convicted child rapist believed to have attacked as many as 100 children is going to be released. 

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Officials with the Massachusetts Department of Correction told WFXT that Wayne Chapman was recently evaluated by qualified mental health examiners who ruled he is no longer a threat to children. 

Unlike Chapman's past bids for freedom, it doesn't appear there was a hearing this time.

The families of Chapman's victims were notified Monday that he could be out as soon as Tuesday.

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"Suddenly he's no longer sexually dangerous simply by virtue, what, that he's older? That doesn't make any sense," said Melanie Perkins. 

Chapman has also been suspected in the 1976 disappearance of a 10-year-old Lawrence boy. Perkins was childhood friends with Andy Puglisi and in 1976, Andy disappeared from a Lawrence swimming pool. 

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"My heart breaks for his family and for all the victims of Wayne Chapman because there are many. Children in Providence who were raped by him, children in Massachusetts who were raped by him," Perkins said.

Chapman has been fighting for his release since 2004, when he finished a decades-long prison sentence for raping two Lawrence boys.

During a 2016 hearing, a forensic psychologist testified that Chapman believed that little boys wanted to have sex with him:

"The fact that in December 2014, a little more than a year ago, he was still saying he saw these children as willing participants in the assaults seem to us quite a severe cognitive distortion."

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Perkins wants to know why the same system that worked so hard to keep Chapman locked up has no decided to let him go free.

"Chapman is a serial pedophile and very likely a serial child murderer who will hurt and harm children again," said Perkins.

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An official with the Department of Correction says Chapman's release is already a done deal and he'll be out by Wednesday.

He won't have to go to a halfway house or group home.

WFXT is working to determine if Chapman will have any conditions or if he will have to register as a sex offender. 


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Springfield man stabbed in neck after argument at local gas station

Published: Monday, May 21, 2018 @ 6:50 AM

A collection of crime stories from SNS.

A Springfield man said a Sunday evening argument led to him being attacked by five people he couldn’t identify and eventually being stabbed in the neck.

Springfield police began their investigation Sunday night when they were called to the area of North Isabella Street and Keifer Avenue where they found the victim sitting on the ground against a fence covered in blood, according to a Springfield police report.

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“(The victim) was covered in blood from lacerations to the right side of his neck, lacerations on his right wrist and lacerations on his left leg,” the report says.

The man told police he had gotten into an argument at Speedway on North Street and that an unknown woman was mad at him because he had some of her stuff and she wanted it back, according to the report. The report doesn’t say how the man and woman knew each other.

“(The victim) ran from the Speedway towards Snyder Park,” the report says. “The unknown suspects caught up to (him) at the intersection of North Isabella Street and Maiden Lane. The unknown suspects got out of the vehicle and the unknown female suspect stabbed him in the right side.

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The victim said he was stabbed with a screwdriver, according to the report. He continued to try to get away, the report says, but he was eventually caught by a male suspect.

“One of the unknown male suspects tried to stab (him) with a knife,” the report says. “(The victim) tried to block it with his hand and received two lacerations to his right wrist Another unknown male suspect stabbed (him) with what he thought was a small pitchfork or backhoe causing two lacerations to his left leg.”

Officers were able to collect evidence from the scene including a bloody swimsuit and hoody. They also found tennis shoes covered in blood in the area of the attack.

EXTRA: A ouija board argument prompted domestic violence,

“No charges were filed at this time due to lack of information on the unknown suspects,” the report says.

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Visitation today for victims of Springfield murder-suicide

Published: Saturday, May 19, 2018 @ 5:39 PM
Updated: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 @ 1:47 AM

Latest on Tuesday's murder-suicide in Springfield.

Two victims of a Springfield murder-suicide incident from this week will be remembered today.

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A notice in the Springfield News-Sun says a visitation for Jennifer Sirons and Andrea Heiser, who police say were killed by Eric Sirons, will take place starting at 10 a.m. today at Grace Lutheran Church. The visitation will last until 1 p.m., according to the notice.

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Jackson Lytle and Lewis Life Celebration Center is handling the arrangements, the notice says.

No other information was available Saturday.

Friends and family have remembered the women as caring people with a positive outlook. Andrea Heiser’s father said she had everything to live for.

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“Her and her mom were best friends,” he said. “I loved her more than anything.”

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