Fairborn mayor: Fox owner violated city ordinance

Published: Thursday, September 11, 2014 @ 5:25 PM
Updated: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 @ 9:54 AM

            FAIRBORN: City council addresses issues surrounding euthanized fox
FAIRBORN: City council addresses issues surrounding euthanized fox

UPDATE @ 11:15 p.m. (Sept. 15): Chloe Kristensen got some answers as to why her pet fox Valo was put down by a city-contracted nuisance trapping company after an area resident caught it in a rabbit trap.

She didn't like the answer she got from Mayor Dan Kirkpatrick at Monday night's City Council meeting, but she has been promised a sit-down this week with city officials for more answers because she fears for a second pet fox, Valo's mate Zara.

The mayor's comments -- the first from any city official since Valo was euthanized -- were basically that Kristensen is violating a city ordinance by keeping wild animals within city limits.

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She said city officials told her she was allowed to have the foxes on her property.

"They told me I could have a fox," Kristensen told News Center 7's Lauren Clark on Monday night.

Sept. 11, 2014: Chloe Kristensen wants answers and she's not getting them.

She's the Fairborn resident who owned a pet fox, named Valo, that escaped her backyard. The fox was caught in a rabbit trap by an area resident and eventually euthanized by a city contracted nuisance trapping company, Advanced Wildlife.

Kristensen is upset because her beloved pet is gone, and she can't get the answers she wants from the city.

She doesn't understand why no one checked to see if the animal was a registered pet before it was put down.

The City of Fairborn and Advanced Wildlife have declined comment on the issue.

Kristensen said she won't rest until she knows why Valo is dead.

Sept. 10, 2014: A missing silver fox apparently has been euthanized.

Owner Chloe Kristensen of Fairborn posted on our Facebook social media site that the fox was put down by the city.

"They did not bother to look for a permit holder in the area," she wrote. "This is unjust and people are outraged."

Kristensen said she hopes this incident will be a catalyst to the creation of city protocol regarding domestic animals other than dogs and cats.

FIRST REPORT (Sept. 9, 2014): Fairborn resident Chloe Kristensen is looking for her pet silver fox, which she fears may have been sold on Craigslist.

Kristensen said the fox, named Valo, tunneled its way out of a backyard enclosure and escaped onto North Central Avenue early Sunday morning.

After posting several ads offering reward money for her pet on Craigslist, Kristenesen received an anonymous tip from another user. The user told her that an ad for a silver fox in Fairborn was posted online the day after Valo went missing.

The ad, which asked for $250 for the animal, was taken down almost immediately. Kristensen was unable to trace it, and fears its disappearance from the site means Valo has already been sold.

Fairborn police say a theft report has not been filed. They do not file police reports about missing pets unless the animal is considered dangerous to the community.

Kristensen said people should not be afraid of her fox, which she calls "family."

"To me it's no different than love of a dog," she said. "I'm just afraid somebody might hurt him."