Dog shot after attacking Dayton officer

Published: Friday, August 07, 2015 @ 12:23 PM
Updated: Friday, August 07, 2015 @ 12:23 PM

A Dayton Police officer was bitten by a woman’s dog while he was responding to a call about a robbery in-progress on Xenia Ave.

Officer Michael Conrads was walking in an alley aboug 7:15 p.m., talking to the woman who called for help. He writes that a large white pitbull came from another alley and caught the officer “off guard.” The woman, Theresa Osborne, told the officer it was her dog. The animal was unleased, and he ordered the woman to control her dog, She asked him if he could get her dog for her. He says he told her no and ordered her again to control her dog, since the dog was sniffing around their feet. The woman, he wrote, did not control the dog, and the animal then attacked the officer, biting his left arm.

After kicking the dog in the face, the dog charged him again, Conrads said. He kicked the dog a second time in the face and drew his weapon because the dog continued to attack.

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Another officer on the scene shot the dog, hitting it in the front left leg. The dog “retreated back down the alley.”

Conrads again ordered Osborne to control her dog and she did, he said.

He was treated at the hospital for the dog bite, and Osborne received a summons for the dog bite, and a minor misdemeanor citation for the dog running at large.

The report does not indicate what happened to the dog after it was shot. We are working to follow up with Dayton Police.