Credit card scam hitting local businesses

Credit card slamming scam targets local businesses

A new warning for local businesses, a potential slamming scam is making the rounds in the Miami Valley.

At least six businesses in the last two days have reported receiving phone calls from a credit card processing merchant who is claiming that their account has either been sold or needs to be updated, and they must enter into a new contract.

This company’s claims are false and they are using illegal slamming techniques to pressure businesses into new contracts with higher fees, according to Natalie Dunlevey of National Processing Solutions.

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“Whether those fees are higher or not, they are still scamming, and it’s going to be a big win for this new company because they are getting new business,” said John North, president of Dayton Better Business Bureau.

If a business receives a similar call about their credit card processing system, they should contact their their current provider, and report the call to the BBB and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, said North.