DeWine announces plans for those 80+ to receive vaccine

COLUMBUS — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is holding a news conference to discuss the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following announcements were made during the press conference:

  • The state has vaccinated 321,000 people to date. This includes 85 percent of nursing homes in the state that have been visited by pharmacy companies that are administering the vaccines. This also includes residents and staff members who have had chances to receive the vaccine.
  • 85% of nursing homes in Ohio have been visited by vaccine providers and given the opportunity to receive the vaccine
  • In Sandusky: 92% of eligible veterans and 60% of staff chose to be vaccinated. In Georgetown: 92% of eligible veterans and 42%
  • Those 80+ can start getting the vaccine next week
  • DeWine says on Monday, hospitals will need to switch from vaccinating employees to vaccinating people 80+
  • In Ohio, those 80+ account for 420,000 people. The state expects to receive 100,000 vaccines next week.
  • Local health departments should notify the public tomorrow or Thursday of where those 80+ can get vaccinated
  • Vaccine shipments will be delivered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Each provider will determine how they sign people up to receive the vaccine.
  • Coronavirus.Ohio.Gov will be able to search by zip code or address where they can get vaccinated
  • The state website will only show how many vaccines each provider gets and will not update in real time.
  • The state has asked that providers give out their vaccines within seven days.
  • On January 25th, DeWine anticipates vaccinations will open up to those 75 years old and older. The following week, it should open to people 70 and older, and on February 8th, the vaccinations are expected to be available to those 65 and older.
  • The state will announce when those with health disorders will be getting the vaccine later this week
  • Vaccines that were previously held back will now be distributed.
  • DeWine is signing an order Tuesday activating units of the National Guard in the state of Ohio and Washington DC ahead of the inauguration.
  • The goal for the National Guard is protect property and people ahead and during the presidential inauguration.
  • Lt. Gov. Husted announced that Southern Ohio Communication Services, Inc. announced plans to invest $3.8 million to provide high-speed internet service across 64 miles to 1,300 residential and business customers in southern Ohio.
  • Gov. DeWine encourages providers to have a contingency plan for if there are doses set to expire to prevent waste.
  • When asked about fans attending the Kansas City Chiefs vs Cleveland Browns game, DeWine pointed out that both states are on the travel advisory list and that people need to be cautious before traveling.