Coronavirus: Beavercreek schools bring students back slowly

Coronavirus: Beavercreek schools bring students back slowly

BEAVERCREEK, Ohio — Pre-pandemic students would have headed back to school a week ago after winter break, but this year, districts are taking things a bit slower.

Some school districts are holding off on bringing students back after both the Christmas and New Year holidays, but in Beavercreek, they are welcoming some students back for in-person learning.

Ryan Gilding, who is the district’s Public Information Specialist, said, “The best place for our kids are in the classroom, in school.”

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Gilding said the district’s main goal is to get students back in the classroom safely and so they are doing it slowly.

“We didn’t think bringing everyone back at once after break would be the safest best,” he said.

Students in Preschool through fifth grade started in-person classes today. Those in grades 6-12th grade remain on a hybrid schedule for the next week, which is two days in person and three days remote.

Gilding said, “Coming out of winter break, we thought having an extra week of remote learning was necessary and bringing the kids 6-12 back slowy.”

While some districts like Beavercreek and West Carrollton are already bringing students back, other local districts are holding off.

Dayton Public Schools is remote until February 19. Oakwood, Centerville and Huber Heights are remote until January 19. Kettering will remain remote until January 25th when they return for four-day in-person instruction, while Xenia Schools will be remote until at least February 1.

Gilding said there were concerns that students would get COVID-19 while on break and bring it back to school. “It’s the holiday season, social distancing 24/7 really isn’t a realistic expectation,” he said.

Starting the new year with relaxed quarantine guidelines now in place, it may help to alleviate some of the back and forth the districts have been dealing with.

Gilding said, “We anticipate the new guidelines will help keep our staff in the classroom and keep students in the classroom.”

Students in Beavercreek will return back to the classroom together early next week on January 19.