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Cold Case detective joins search for woman who vanished while pregnant

Published: Thursday, July 09, 2015 @ 5:30 PM
Updated: Thursday, July 09, 2015 @ 5:30 PM
By: Becky Grimes

It's been almost five years since 19-year-old Nikki Forrest vanished without a trace in Miami County. At the time, Forrest was halfway through a high-risk pregnancy that required her to take injections twice daily.

Tammy Weddington of Piqua said her stepdaughter was very excited about having a baby and they talked on the phone or texted almost daily. She vividly remembers their last conversation.

"She said she was going to go to another state with a boyfriend and start a new life with him and we didn't hear from her after that," said Weddington. She said she tried to talk Nikki into staying in Piqua, where she had family and friends to help her with the baby.

»FROM 2013: 'We would like to talk to the people who found the bag'

The boyfriend told police that he last saw Nikki Forrest the night of September 25, 2010 when she showed up at his home on Croydon Rd. in Troy.

"The story we have received is that there was an argument and he placed her baggage outside his house and some unknown person came and picked her up and drove off with her and she's not been seen since," said Tom Christy, Piqua Deputy Chief of Police. "That was the dispute that night, whether he was the father or not."

»FROM 2012: Woman had arguments on the day she disappeared

Nikki was never seen or heard from again. Police said she never used her cell phone again or picked up her last paycheck. Days after she was reported missing, an elderly couple came into the Kroger Pharmacy on Covington Rd. in Piqua with Nikki's bag that contained her medication. They said they found the bag along Eldean Road. However, they did not tell the pharmacist exactly where the bag was found and they did not give their names.

"We've reached out to the people who found this bag and we have yet been able to talk to them, " said Deputy Chief Christy. "Our interest in talking to them is merely to find out where this bag was found."

»FROM 2010: 'Things got off on a bad foot that night'

Now, almost five years after Nikki vanished, a cold case investigator from the Montgomery County Coroner's Office is joining the case. Glen McIntosh said it appears that something tragic happened to the pregnant teenager.

"Somebody knows what happened to her or somebody knows if somebody did something tragic to her and we need those people to come forward," said McIntosh. He will be going over the case files and interviewing family members and friends in hopes of finding new evidence.