Child bitten by dog in Butler County building

A toddler was injured Monday morning after being bitten by a dog in the Butler County Government Services Center, according to the sheriff’s office.

Roger Emmons and his male Rottweiler entered the eighth floor of the government center about 9:30 a.m., when a deputy stopped him and asked about the dog, according to Maj. Mike Craft.

Emmons told the deputy the dog was an emotional therapy dog. The deputy then went to make a phone call to verify the dog’s credentials.

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At the same time, a fight broke out nearby and the man attempted to intervene and a child was bitten by the dog, according to Craft.

Kurt Merbs, deputy dog warden supervisor, said Emmons has been cited for failure to licence the dog and the animal is now classified as a dangerous dog.

“It never should have been in the building,” Merbs said. He added that Emmons may have been under the impression it was a therapy dog, but there was no documentation confirming that.

The sheriff’s office is continuing to investigate the incident.