Centerville H.S. athletes shovel snow for older and disabled residents

CENTERVILLE — The Centerville boys’ varsity basketball team had members out volunteering Wednesday, helping remove snow from sidewalks.

The group was volunteering to the benefit of senior citizen residents.

Dropping temperatures bring possible refreeze tonight

The group is just one of many on a list of volunteers the city of Centerville maintains to assist older and disabled residents with snow and leaf removal.

“We know there are many older or disabled residents who are unable to rake leaves or shovel their walks,” said Wayne Davis, Centerville city manager, in a release. “Some residents can afford to pay for the service, but often do not know whom they can call. Others may not be able to afford the service, especially if it is an unusually bad winter season. We believe that the list will serve to assist those in need.”

After school and after practice today, the students bundled up and stepped out into the cold.

News Center 7's Caroline Reinwald spoke to some of the members today about the benefit — to both residents in need and the young students.

“The kids going out and shoveling snow and serving the community is just as important as anything we do on the floor and in the gym,” said Brook Cupps, head coach for Centerville varsity basketball.

A high school senior, Sam Vance, said one of the core values of the team is “being thankful.”

“We talk a lot about leadership. And to lead, first we have to serve so we try and go out and serve the community,” Vance said.

You can join the list of Centerville volunteers, for raking leaves and shoveling snow for the old and disabled, by calling the city at 937-433-7151.