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Butler County woman accused of reporting false kidnapping out of jail

Published: Friday, October 06, 2017 @ 3:30 PM
Updated: Friday, October 06, 2017 @ 3:45 PM
By: Lauren Pack - Staff Writer

A Lemon Twp. woman charged for allegedly making up a story that she was being held against her will and posting a video on social media is out of jail.

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Thelma Williams, 38, of South Verity Parkway, was in Middletown Municipal Court on Friday for a preliminary hearing on a charge of making false alarms. But she waived her right to a hearing and the case was sent directly to a Butler County grand jury for consideration.

Judge Melynda Cook Howard set bond for Williams at $10,000 last week, but after questioning her about her ties to the city, released her on her own recognizance.

Williams said she has a job and attends church in Middletown. Her daughters were in court for the hearing.

“Things got out of hand, your honor,” said Jeff Milbauer, Williams’ attorney. “She is not a bad woman.”

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Williams was released from jail within 20 minutes of the hearing. She declined comment, but said “10 days in jail is enough.”

Williams was arrested on Sept. 27, after Butler County Sheriff’s deputies investigated her claims for hours, including using the department’s helicopter to search for an alleged suspect.

Williams initially said a masked intruder entered her home, bound her and cut her clothes off, said Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones.

Williams went on to say the suspect used her phone to videotape the event and later posted the videos to her Facebook account, according to deputies.

Prior to leaving her home, Williams said the suspect called a contact on her phone and left the phone by her side.

Williams went so far as to tie herself up and put underwear in her mouth as a gag, Jones said.

After hours of investigation, including putting the sheriff’s department’s helicopter in the air to find the alleged suspect, Jones said detectives “found the story to be a total fabrication.”

Detectives said Williams indicated she wanted attention from her family, and when law enforcement arrived she continued with the ruse.