3-year-old boy in near drowning incident is home and recovering

3-year-old boy in near drowning incident is home and recovering
A woman rescued her 3-year-old cousin from the bottom of a backyard pool during a Fourth of July pool party at her aunt's Prairie Creek Court home in Huber Heights. (MARSHALL GORBY / STAFF)

The 3-year-old boy who was saved from a near drowning incident in a backyard swimming pool at a home on Prairie Creek Court Thursday is home from the hospital and well on his way to recovery.

Gregory was saved when his cousin saw a glimpse of something at the bottom of the pool and realized it was the young boy.

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“[I] took my foot and grabbed his shorts because I couldn’t reach him because I had an infant in [my] hand and brought him up to the surface,” said Leeanna Crabtree.

Gregory had taken off his life jacket to eat lunch when his sister and cousins jumped into the pool, the family told News Center 7’s Kayla Courvell.

He decided to jump in too, leading to the near drowning.

“He sunk to the bottom and when we got him out he was blue,” said Crabtree.

She  took him to the side of the pool where his grandma and grandpa began giving him CPR, allowing him to spit up water and breathe again.

Paramedics took him to Dayton Children’s Hospital where his family said he quickly bounced back to normal.

“I was just thanking God he was okay and we were able to get him back,” Crabtree said.

The family said Gregory remembers going into the water, but not what happened in the following seconds.

In fact, he was ready to get back in the pool today.