Preble County sheriff sticks by decision to set off tornado sirens after funnel cloud spotted

Sheriff sticks with his decision to sound tornado sirens

Tornado sirens were set off in Eaton Tuesday evening when what appeared to be a funnel cloud was spotted in the sky.

The sirens were also set off throughout Preble County as a precaution.

>> VIDEO: Funnel cloud confirmed over Eaton during Tuesday storms

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The spotted funnel cloud turned out to be harmless, said News Center 7’s Chief Meteorologist McCall Vrydaghs.

However, Preble County Sheriff Mike Simpson said he sticks by his decision to err on the side of caution Tuesday after multiple sightings from trained first responders.

“The weather people are the experts certainly and it’s interesting to know this cold funnel thing, but you just don’t know so we’re going to protect the people,” Simpson said.

The type of funnel clouds spotted Tuesday can form quickly from showers or thunderstorms. They have a thin, needle or rope-like appearance. The funnels rarely reach the ground and are unlikely to cause significant damage.

Preble County residents seem to be fine with Simpson’s decision to sound the sirens.

“After what everybody else went through with the tornadoes set ‘em off,” said Donna Nelson of West Alexandria. “Let everybody be aware. We may be a little jumpy, but I’d rather be jumpy than anybody lose their life or their home, so I’m alright with it.”

“It’s a little scary, but then we turned on the TV and they said well it’s not to be alarmed, don’t worry about it,” said Robin Anderson of Lewisburg. “I think we appreciate it, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”