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Drivers beware: Dayton’s traffic cams spark warnings, but that changes soon

Published: Tuesday, October 31, 2017 @ 6:13 PM
By: Cornelius Frolik - Staff Writer

The city of Dayton issued warnings in October to motorists whose vehicles were photographed speeding by automated cameras placed along two major roadways.

The city began mailing out warning notices to the registered owners of cars and trucks that were caught on camera traveling above the speed limit on Riverside Drive and James H. McGee Boulevard.

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Currently, the city is operating automated mobile speed trailers.

But installation of 10 fixed-site cameras is in progress, and most or all of the cameras are expected to be operational in November, a city spokesperson said.

When the fixed cameras go online, violations caught on camera will result in warnings for the first 30 days of their use.

The city will begin mailing out citations when the 30-day period expires.

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The city is restarting its automated fixed traffic camera system after an Ohio Supreme Court decision that struck down a provision of state law requiring officers to be present during their operation.

The city continued to use mobile speed trailers after it shelved its automated fixed cameras, but officers had to be stationed at the devices when they photographed violations in order to issue tickets.

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There will be fixed red light cameras at:

West Third Street and James H. McGee Boulevard

Linden Avenue and Smithville Road

The city will install speed-detection cameras at:

North Gettysburg Avenue near Fairbanks Avenue

North Main Street near Siebenthaler Avenue

Keowee Street between East Third and Fifth streets