Dayton seeks companies to clean up after Memorial Day tornadoes

Published: Wednesday, June 05, 2019 @ 9:34 AM

            Tornado damage in Old North Dayton. STAFF
Tornado damage in Old North Dayton. STAFF

The city of Dayton has issued a request for proposals to remove and dispose of debris following Memorial Day’s destructive tornadoes.

The city says it is looking for a qualified and experienced firm to clean up disaster-generated debris from public property and public right-of-ways. The selected contractor in some cases may remove debris from private property.

Areas that were hit included Old North Dayton, DeWeese, the Old Troy Pike corridor and Harrison Twp., the city said.

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The city said “use of this contract may be provided via Ohio cooperative purchasing guidelines to surrounding municipalities, counties, school districts and other public entities that were directly impacted by this event.”

The city’s request for proposals says that the selected firm will need to remove debris beyond public right-of-ways to eliminate threats to public health and safety. This could include vacant public lands, operational facilities, utility facilities and other land owned by the city, according to city documents.

The contractor also will be asked to remove debris from private property if there is an “imminent threat” to life, safety and health of the general public.

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The city said an additional program to do work on private property to help citizens remove large debris that cannot be moved to the right of way will be added once approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The city says tornado debris will be subject to city inspection and any debris monitoring consultant it hires.

The city says it will take steps to verify and maintain records regarding the contents and cubic yards of debris taken to disposal sites.

The city is seeking a consultant for debris-monitoring services that will review contractors’ invoices before they are submitted to the city for processing.