Area ‘no-kill’ animal shelter criticized for killing 7 dogs

RICHMOND, Ind. — A no-kill animal shelter in Indiana admits it has killed over 50 animals in the last five years, including seven healthy dogs this month.

The board at HELP the Animals Inc. has recently placed its shelter manager on administrative leave, and two of its board members have resigned following backlash from seven healthy dogs being killed, reports News Center 7’s John Bedell.

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"We want to take responsibility for what happened. And most of all, we want to improve our practices and move forward," the board wrote in a letter posted to its website this week.

HELP the Animals Inc. has a policy to euthanize any critically sick cats and dogs, as well any animals that are considered dangerous to the public.

The shelter’s board president told media outlets this week the seven dogs were killed due to be aggressive and biting staff.

John Bedell is in Richmond today and will have the latest on this story starting at 5 p.m. on WHIO-TV.

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The shelter said a total of 19 dogs have been killed due to being “bite risks,” and another 33 were too critically ill and were put down, since 2012.

The Palladium-Item in Richmond has reported the shelter’s director was fired, but the shelter listed on its website a manager was placed on leave.

“The board is reviewing all our of procedures including the in-take of animals, rehabilitation practices and end-of-life decisions,” the board’s letter continued.