2020 Recycling Incentive Grant Program awards nearly $200K

The Montgomery County Solid Waste District has awarded nearly $200,000 as part of the 2020 Recycling Incentive Grant Program to local municipalities, schools and non-profit organizations for projects that promote recycling and litter prevention.

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“These organizations have displayed a dedication to being a better, ‘greener’ neighbor and we are excited to help them achieve their missions,” said Montgomery County Commission President Judy Dodge in a written statement. “We are all doing our part to make sure Montgomery County is a cleaner, healthier place to call home.”

Grants were awarded for projects focused on recycling, waste reduction, litter prevention, composting opportunities and end use markets of recycled materials.

Some of the biggest grants were awarded to the cities of Centerville, Riverside, Germantown, Englewood and Moraine.

The largest grant, more than $31,000, was awarded to the City of Centerville’s Cart to Complete curbside recycling program.

The Recycling Incentive Grant Program is open on a competitive basis to all Montgomery County municipalities, schools and select non-profit organizations.

An endorsement letter is required for schools and non-profits from their local jurisdiction.