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  • These jobs have the highest suicide rates in the country, CDC says

    Jobs can be stressful, but there are some that , according to a .

    The agency  to determine the occupational groups with the highest suicide rates. To do so, they examined data from 17 states that participated in the 2012 and 2015 National Violent Death Reporting System

  • Florida man from Paradise, California working to help family who lost everything

    A Jacksonville, Florida, man is trying to find help for his mother and brother who lost everything in the deadliest wildfire .

    His family is from Paradise, where teams are searching for more than 1,000 people.

    Mark Hudson’s home in Paradise is now nothing but ashes.

  • Look up! Leonid meteor shower visible this weekend

    Calling all cosmophiles: The 2018 Leonid meteor shower peaks this weekend.

    With clear skies, there's a good chance you may be able to see a meteor early Saturday and Sunday nights.

    According to the , spectators can expect 10 to 15 meteors per hour during this year&rsquo

  • Third autopsy concludes there was foul play in Georgia gym mat death case

    Results from a third autopsy conducted in Lowndes County, Georgia, on the body of Kendrick Johnson — the second performed at the behest of Johnson’s parents — have been released, contradicting an earlier conclusion that the 17-year-old’s death was accidental. But the new autopsy&rsquo

  • Betsy DeVos releases controversial campus sex assault reporting rules

    Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is regarding sexual assault on college and university campuses.


    , students may have a heightened awareness of the issue, but they also know it's still difficult for many to report sexual assault or harassment. 

    “I know people

  • Teacher thanks students standing for Pledge of Allegiance, banned from school

    A Missouri substitute teacher has been banned from his former school after thanking students who stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Jim Furkin says he's been a substitute teacher for the St. Louis County, Missouri, school district for about 10 years.

    He’s filled in at

  • Florida man tries to steal vending machine

    A from an apartment building in May.


    “He was quite brazen and he was all caught on camera,” .

    In the video, he attempts to maneuver the big machine by scooting it inch by inch. , he pushes the machine full of food onto the elevator and takes it from the

  • Police: Ex-boyfriend drove to teenager's house, shot her to death 

    A teenager was shot and killed in Munhall,  Pennsylvania, on Saturday afternoon, and police say her boyfriend has to the crime.

    Police in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, identified the suspect in custody as Darion Abel, 20.

    Investigators say Abel and the victim had

  • Lone, wild pink flamingo mysteriously appears in Florida Panhandle after hurricane

    A solitary, wild American flamingo has ornithologists from Michigan, Arkansas and other parts of the country coming to Florida to catch a glimpse of it. 


    The sight of wild pink flamingos was once plentiful in Florida’s tropical climes in the 1800s. But by the end of

  • Georgia start-up developing new airplane

    Since Richard Hogan was a boy, watching military planes fly from the Air Force base not far from his home, he’s been drawing designs for new aircraft.


    But when he was 12 years old, his grandfather took him for ice cream and a frank talk.

    “He said,

  • Universal Orlando to raise minimum pay to $12 an hour

    The Universal Orlando Resort said  for its employees to $12 an hour, beginning Feb. 3.


    "(We) will continue to review and adjust our rates so that we stay competitive in the market," , in a letter to employees.

    , about 100 Walt Disney World workers rallied outside

  • Security camera shows dog going on shoplifting spree

    , captured an unusual shoplifter -- a stray dog trying to steal a garment from a clothing shop in a shopping center.


    , as one of its efforts was foiled by a security guard.

    Security cameras show the same animal stealing a white T-shirt from another shop, . 


  • Murder charges withdrawn against man, 21, jailed 5 weeks

    The who said he was wrongly jailed for the crime have been withdrawn. 

    Suffolk County against 21-year-old Kevin Williams Friday.


    The move comes a week after Williams was released from jail, where he had spent the previous five weeks. 

    "I’m happy

  • 18-day-old giraffe suddenly dies at Ohio zoo

    , died Saturday, Columbus Zoo officials said.


    in a series of Facebook posts that Ubumwe had been energetic and nursing well in her first two weeks, weighing an estimated 130 pounds a week ago. But she began experiencing “gastrointestinal discomfort” Friday afternoon

  • Turkey fryer fire destroys garage, causes $20K in damages

    Fire officials in Wisconsin said a turkey fryer left unattended led to a structure fire and costly damages.


    The fire occurred Wednesday afternoon in a home's garage,  reported.

    The Racine Fire Department said the fryer, which was left unattended for an unspecified

  • Good Samaritan couple finds, returns bag filled with $25,000

    A good Samaritan couple found and returned a business owner’s deposit bag that was filled with $25,000. 


    Jeff and Michelle Green recovered the bag, which belonged to Gautambhai Patel, . 

    “We always encourage citizens to do the right thing both

  • Lee Corso wears full mascot outfit for UCF pick

    for the nation's largest university as it made its debut on ESPN's "College GameDay."


    filled  to witness the live three-hour broadcast in person.

    "I'm stoked," UCF fan Caroline Klaffer said. "I got my sign ready. It's going to be a long day, but it's worth it all

  • Police: Suspected drunken driver stopped in car without windows, missing tire

    A Nebraska man was arrested on suspicion of DUI after being found driving in a heavily damaged vehicle, police said.


    An alert citizen contacted police after seeing the vehicle, which was missing a tire and had most of its windows smashed out, on the road, the tweeted early Saturday

  • Officer suffers fatal heart attack while on duty

    A Virginia Beach police officer had a fatal heart attack Friday night while on duty. 


    Officer Kelvin Bailey, who has 30 years on the force, unexpectedly went into cardiac arrest, . 

    He was taken to a hospital, where he died.

  • Teacher wins $30K for self, $70K for school in national skilled trades contest

    A to the top skilled-trades teachers in the country named a Gwinnett County welding teacher as the first-place winner.


    Charles Kachmar, who teaches metals and welding at Maxwell High School of Technology in Lawrenceville was awarded the 2018 Harbor Freight Tools for Schools Prize

  • Family's snow turkey a cool Thanksgiving greeting

    A Pennsylvania family didn't let a snowfall dampen their Thanksgiving plans.


    Instead, the appropriately-named Snow family created a giant snow turkey in their yard.

    Royanna Snow and daughters, Brooke and Britynn, took Thursday evening's snowfall in Oil City and created

  • Pike County murders: Court docs reveal custody battle at heart of killings

    Sophia Wagner was just 2 when prosecutors say her father was her mother and seven more family members.

    Little Sophia was not at any of the crime scenes when the execution-style murders happened.


    Comparing her father’s indictment and provides new insight into the

  • Florida woman's hilarious squirrel photo wins top honor

    A Florida woman has a squirrel to thank for earning her the top prize at a wildlife photography competition.


    Mary McGowan, of Brandon, was named 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photographer of the Year on Friday at in London. Her amusing photo, captioned "Caught in the Act," features an

  • Officials: 'Wurst' idea ever to bring mountain lion kitten inside home, feed it sausage

    While it may be tempting to "rescue" a mountain lion kitten that appears to have been abandoned, wildlife officials in Colorado are using a case this week to illustrate why that is a bad idea.


    Officers picked up a mountain lion kitten from a private residence Tuesday, according

  • Kanye West donates $150K to family of security guard killed by police

    A grieving family in Illinois has received a large donation from Kanye West.


    The family of Jemel Roberson, the 26-year-old  while subduing a shooting suspect at a bar, have a  account to help pay for burial expenses.

    Roberson was working extra shifts to make his

  • Woman accuses University of Colorado Hospital of removing 2 healthy kidneys

    A 73-year-old Colorado grandmother is considering legal action after doctors at the University of Colorado Hospital removed both of her healthy kidneys in May,  reported.


    Linda Woolley, of Englewood, said doctors told her surgery was necessary because she likely had kidney

  • Florida 'masseuse' steals $60K from casino patron, police say

    A South Florida casino patron expecting a massage got rubbed the wrong way when the “masseuse” left his hotel room with more than $60,000 in cash, casino chips and valuables, the  reported.


    The woman approached the 52-year-old man from New Jersey at an elevator

  • Oregon inmates steal ATV after getting drunk on hand sanitizer, police say

    Two Oregon inmates on a work crew Wednesday became intoxicated from the alcohol from hand sanitizer, then stole a four-wheeler before deputies caught them later in the day, 


    Christopher Galen Turre, 30, and Shawn Daniel McCallister, 34, were part of a four-inmate crew from

  • Indiana mom: Son was left strapped in school bus for 2 hours

    A 3-year-old Indiana boy was left stranded on a school bus for more than an hour Tuesday,  reported.


    Luke Collin was left at the School Town of Munster bus barn, his mother, Lauren Collin, told the newspaper.

    “I didn't know if I'd ever see him again,” Collin

  • Officials: Dead dolphin that washed ashore on California beach was shot

    A dolphin that washed onto a California beach last week died from a gunshot wound,  reported.

    Marine Animal Rescue posted a $5,000 reward to its  on Friday after a necropsy confirmed the animal had been shot.

    Peter Wallerstein, founder and president of the rescue group, received

  • Election 2018: Panthers QB Cam Newton gets 11 write-in votes

    Carolina Panthers quarterback received 11 write-in votes for an election in North Carolina, officials said.


    Newton’s name was written in for the , according to the Board of Elections.

    The two people who won received more than 100,000 votes each.

    Newton has

  • Family dog swallows Michigan woman's wedding ring

    As a veterinarian, Kristopher Sharpe said he has removed many items from a pet’s stomach.


    But a woman’s wedding ring? That was a new one.

    A labradoodle belonging to a Michigan couple swallowed a wedding ring belonging to Cindy McCombs,  reported.

  • Minnesota mom convicted of murder now helps raise mental health awareness

    Fifteen years after tossing her twins off a bridge into the Mississippi River, a Minnesota woman is using her story to raise awareness about mental illness,  reported.


    Naomi Gaines was 24 when she threw her 14-month-old sons, Sincere Understanding Allah and Supreme Knowledge

  • Two homeless men rescue unconscious driver from burning car

    Two California men living in a homeless camp acted swiftly to save a driver whose vehicle was involved in an accident with a truck,  reported.


    On Tuesday, a truck driver lost control of his vehicle in Santa Cruz and slammed into a car, the television station reported. The

  • New Mexico author sues hospital for reviving her 

    A lawsuit filed on behalf of a New Mexico author alleges that a Santa Fe hospital revived the woman in violation of her “do not resuscitate” directive while she was in the facility’s care in 2016, the  reported.


    The lawsuit filed in New Mexico state district

  • Photo of Utah police officer cradling baby goes viral

    A photograph of a Utah police officer cradling a baby while the infant’s mother filed a domestic violence report has gone viral,  reported.


    One of the clerks at the West Jordan Police Department snapped a photo of Officer R. Lofgran holding and bottle feeding the baby

  • Deer wanders into Fort Worth children's clinic

    Workers at a children’s urgent care clinic in Texas were startled when a deer walked into the facility,  reported.


    The 2-year-old buck wandered into the Cook Children’s facility in Fort Worth on Nov. 10, the television station reported.

    "I guess he came

  • Homeless man dives into dumpster to retrieve lottery ticket worth $4.82M

    A homeless Michigan man who realized he won the state’s Lotto 47 game dived into a dumpster to retrieve the winning ticket,  reported. 

    The man, who chose to remain anonymous, was one of two people who split the $9.64 million jackpot with the winning $1 ticket he bought for

  • Police: Ohio woman with pants down asks, 'You wanna play?' 

    Ohio police arrested a woman they found rolling on the ground with her pants and underwear pulled down who asked authorities “You wanna play? We’ll play,”  reported.


    Denise Ruth Molina, 58, was arrested Wednesday by Youngstown police and charged with assault

  • Syracuse misspells last name on jersey of coach Jim Boeheim's son

    This is one name that should never be misspelled on a Syracuse University basketball jersey.



    Jim Boeheim is in his 43rd season as coach of the Orange. With more than 1,029 victories -- along with five Final Four appearances,and a national title in 2003 -- Boeheim

  • Florida hospital uses artificial intelligence to save lives in the delivery room

    Seven hundred women a year die during childbirth in the United States, and about half of those deaths are considered preventable.

    Uncontrollable bleeding is the most common problem.

    Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies in Orlando, Florida, is now using artificial

  • Children call 911, hide in closet after man bursts into home armed with knife

    A man accused of breaking into a home with three children inside and assaulting a woman was arrested late Thursday by in Sharon, Massachusetts.

    Police said they received 911 calls about a man with a knife who had broken into the house on Billings Street around 11:25 Thursday night

  • 'Don't cry, daddy. I love you': New families celebrate National Adoption Day

    It was a very special day for dozens of Massachusetts families as 136 children in foster care got their forever homes.

    Three-year-old Josiah was one of 26 children with finalized adoptions in as a part of National Adoption Day.

     "Today we are adopting Josiah! After six

  • Man who raped dying teen sentenced to less than 3 years in prison 

    The man who raped a high school student who later died from a drug overdose was sentenced to less than three years in prison.

    Superior Court Judge Linda Krese said that Brian Varela could not be sentenced to more than two years and 10 months because it was the most prison

  • Baby born in toilet of public restroom at Sea-Tac International Airport

    A baby born earlier this week will have quite a story to tell of how he came into the world, in a place you may least expect. 

    Wyatt Dale was born in the toilet of a public restroom at Sea-Tac International Airport.

    His parents, Heather and Billy Gibbs, were about to board

  • New England man loses part of his leg in freak wood chipper accident

    A man in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, is in serious condition after he lost part of his leg in a wood chipper accident .

    Emergency crews responded to a call just before 10 a.m. for a man and seriously injured in a wood chipper on Highbank Road in South Yarmouth.

    At the scene, police

  • Winnie the Pooh brings smile to face of child with cerebral palsy

    Jessie Barber took her disabled 18-month-old son to Disney and a video of an interaction between the boy and Winnie the Pooh has become an internet honey pot. 


    Barber and her wife traveled from Kentucky with their four adopted children to the Orlando theme park this week

  • Weight lifted: Nations approve changes to units of measure

    The “Grand K" kilogram, a mass of polished platinum-iridium alloy used as the world's sole true kilo since 1889, was retired Friday.

    It is being replaced with a scientific formula.


    More than 50 nations approved an overhaul of the International System of Units, giving

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