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'Sugar Daddy School' teaches women how to land a rich guy

Published: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 @ 11:12 AM
Updated: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 @ 11:57 AM

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Women in New York City are learning how to land a man with deep pockets.

More than 100 women took part in this weekend's "Sugar Baby Summit" in Manhattan, The New York Daily News reported.

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It was hosted by a subscription dating site.

It was a four-hour training session that included tips like listen to what your Sugar Daddy has to say, even if you have to fake interest and talk about your financial needs early in the relationship, but don't come off as desperate.

The school also explain the difference between Sugar Daddies and Salt Daddies, explaining they are similar, but Salt Daddies, don't hand out a monthly allowance, according to the website's spokeswoman Brook Urick.

To read the more "personal" tips, click here for The New York Daily News.

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How to survive a break up with your best friend

Published: Thursday, January 18, 2018 @ 4:17 PM

Here are 7 tips from psychologists and bloggers on surviving a break up with your best friend Realize that the struggle is real Understand that friendship can be fleeting Banish the thought that the breakup's your fault Get communication established at the beginning of the end Avoid important conversations via text Keep busy Honor the role of friendship in your life

When the Four Seasons sang that bit about "breaking up is hard to do," they clearly meant romantic relationships.

Breaking up with a best friend might be even harder. "Friends aren't just icing on the cake of life – they're the cake," psychologist Thelma Duffey stated in Psychology Today. "Our friends are the people we let in. They're the people who can get under our skin, for better or for worse, and they're the ones in which we choose to invest."

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The Mayo Clinic also hails the positive health benefits of having good friends, from the esoteric like increased happiness to the scientifically-proven reduced risk of depression, high blood pressure or unhealthy body mass index (BMI) for folks with close connections.

When your best friend moves away (hard), deserts you (harder) or betrays you (hardest), losing those benefits can trigger a life-altering event. Just don't count on society to see it that way.

Ryan O'Connell summed it up nicely in Thought Catalog: "A dumped person is seen as a totally tragic sympathetic figure and is given the appropriate support to help 'make it through.' When friendships end, when the 10-year bonds you have with someone who feels like family start to dissolve, we're left with no instruction manuals. We don't have a movie to turn to or a book to read. Pop culture has pushed it under the rug."

Another irony: while you'd run to your best friend when you get dumped, there's no one to run to when you break up with your best friend.

So that leaves it up to you to get through the tough time with your chin up and ready to try again. This roadmap for getting beyond a BFF breakup includes seven tips from psychologists and bloggers who have been there, done that:

Realize that the struggle is real. A feeling of being unwanted comes with any friendship breakup, and that is hard to bear for anyone who has trusted an attachment, psychologist Seth Meyers noted in Psychology Today. "In my clinical work, I find that the confusion has to do with the following differentiation: You know exactly why it hurts so much when you lose a lover, but you tell yourself that a friend leaving you shouldn't be as painful."

But it is. "Even though friendship breakups don't include the loss of sex, men and women experience a similar sense of loss when a friend cuts off a relationship. The bottom-line feeling between is the same: 'He or she doesn't want me anymore.'"

Understand that friendship can be fleeting. "The notion of lifelong friends is absolutely a rare commodity," Meyers acknowledged. Even the closest ones may be circumstantial or temporary, regardless of how connected two friends feel at one point in time. "Acceptance is the key to recovery from the loss. You must also keep in mind that some friendships formed when you were young or in an unstable or impressionable point in your life may not fit you as you evolve and grow over time."

Banish the thought that the breakup's your fault.  It can be easy to start thinking you were "not a good enough friend," "easily forgotten" or "not worth making time for," RealBuzz noted. It's not true, though. Everyone goes through a friendship breakup at some point; if they didn't, we'd all still be hanging out with the same friends we had in daycare.

Get communication established at the beginning of the end. This isn't easy, or fun, talking to someone who just hurt your feelings or has left you furious. "But whether you're doing the breaking up or you're the one being broken up with, it's very important to communicate with the other person," Dr. Coral Arvon, Director of Behavioral Health and Wellness at Pritikin Longevity Center + Spatold Glamour. "Face-to-face communication is best, but if that isn't possible then try speaking over the phone."

Avoid important conversations via text. "Feelings and words can be easily misconstrued in text messages and can lead to even more damage," noted Arvon.

Keep busy. Similar to the end of a romantic relationship, you want to stay active and distracted after a BFF breakup, sex therapist Gloria Brame told Glamour. "Every time we lose a relationship or person we cared about it's like a little death," she said. "Try not to grieve alone. That can snowball into depression. Instead, reach out to others and let them try to cheer you up."

Honor the role of friendship in your life. Don't let the message be that since one friendship ended, you're done with friendships, advised PT's Duffey. "Know that at the end of the day, your life is richer – your history is richer – because of your friendships and because you have it in you to be a friend."

If you're not in the agonizing end stage of a cherished friendship, take the opportunity to spruce up the connection, advised Meyers. The next time you're tired after work and you postpone responding to a friend's call, pick up the phone and talk for a minute anyway. Perhaps if we learn to feed our friendships as much as we feed our romantic relationships, we could spare ourselves a few painful breakups.


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PREVIEW: Wright State opens season on road at Loyola

Published: Thursday, November 09, 2017 @ 12:15 PM
Updated: Thursday, November 09, 2017 @ 12:15 PM

            Wright State’s Justin Mitchell drives the lane during an exhibition game Nov. 3 vs. Wayne State. Allison Rodriguez/CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
Wright State’s Justin Mitchell drives the lane during an exhibition game Nov. 3 vs. Wayne State. Allison Rodriguez/CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Who: Wright State at Loyola

When: 8 p.m. Friday


Radio: 106.5-FM

Series: Wright State leads 24-16

Coaches: Scott Nagy is 20-12 at Wright State and 430-252 going into his 23rd season overall. Porter Moser is 89-105 in six seasons at Loyola and 194-206 in 13 years overall, including stops at Arkansas-Little Rock and Illinois State.

Probable Wright State starters*

Parker Ernsthausen;6-11;Jr.;C;5.2

Justin Mitchell;6-3;Jr.;G;11.5

Mark Hughes;6-4;Jr.;G;3.2

Louden Love;6-9;Fr.;C;NA

Alan Vest;6-3;Jr.;G;0.8

Probable Loyola starters

Aundre Jackson;6-5;Sr.;F;14.1

Marques Townes;6-4;Jr.;G;NA

Ben Richardson;6-3;Sr.;G;8.3

Donte Ingram;6-6;Sr.;G;13.6

Clayton Custer;6-1;Jr.;G;11.6

About Wright State: The Raiders graduated three starters but hope to have their leading returning scorer, Grant Benzinger, back for limited duty against Loyola as he recovers from offseason hernia surgery. … Mitchell finished second in the Horizon League in rebounds (8.3), tied for fourth in assists (4.0), eighth in field-goal percentage (53.4) and 11th in assist-turnover ratio (1.2-1.0). … The Raiders were 11-7 in the league last season for their fourth winning record in the last five seasons. … Love seems like an impact player after redshirting as a freshman last year. At 275 pounds, he’s effective inside and had a double-double in an exhibition win over Wayne State (Neb.) with 17 points and 12 rebounds. Mitchell had 23 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists in the game. … The Raiders play Missouri State, the Missouri Valley Conference favorite, on the road Dec. 19.

About Loyola: The Ramblers are in their fifth year in the Missouri Valley Conference since leaving the Horizon League. They went 18-14 overall last season and 8-10 in the league (they haven’t had a winning record in the MVC). They were picked third behind Missouri State and Northern Iowa in the conference preseason poll. … The Ramblers graduated their leading scorer, Doyle Milton (15.2 average), but they have a formidable starting lineup, though undersized. Jackson and Ingram were preseason first-team all-league picks. Custer averaged 3.0 assists last year, and Richardson shot 42 percent on 3-pointers. Townes is eligible this year after transferring from Fairleigh Dickinson. He averaged 11.5 points as a sophomore and had a streak of 13 straight double-figure games with a high of 26. … Loyola has 57 wins since 2014, its best three-year stretch in three decades. … Cameron Krutwig, a 6-9 freshman, came off the bench and had 10 points and nine rebounds in a 79-63 exhibition win over Lewis last week.

Coming up: The Raiders play at Miami at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

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Love at 30,000 feet: Man proposes on flight from Atlanta

Published: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 @ 9:28 AM

Love At 30,000 Feet: Man Proposes On Flight From Atlanta

For Deepum Patel and his long-distance love, Neha Chakravarti, getting on a plane usually meant sad goodbyes and a painful separation.

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The couple spent nearly two years flying back-and-forth from Atlanta, where Patel works, to Pennsylvania, where Chakravati attended dental school.

But last week, Patel took what had long been a sad ritual and replaced it with much happier memory. On a Delta flight from Atlanta to Boston, he asked Chakravati to be his wife.

Patel worked with the airline to set up the big moment at 30,000 feet.

Shortly after the plane reached cruising altitude, crews called Chakravati to the front of the plane to help with a staged medical emergency.

But instead of helping a sick passenger, she was surprised to hear the couple's favorite song. Patel joined her at the front of the plane asked her to "dance through life with him" before getting down on one knee.

Of course, an elated Chakravati said yes.

Deepum Patel proposed to girlfriend Neha Chakravarti on a Delta flight. (Photo courtesy of Delta Airlines)

The couple's fellow passengers also got in on the sweet moment. Patel passed out cards in advance asking them to snap photos and videos. Delta provided champagne for travelers to toast to the future Mr. and Mrs. Deepum Patel and their fellow passengers shared stories about happy marriages and wished the couple luck.

After the celebration, the pilot read a statement Patel wrote over the plane's intercom:

“These two lovebirds have kept up a long-distance relationship with the help of Delta for nearly two years. The future groom has kindly asked me to remind you to call the special people in your life today and tell them how much you love them.”

The couple will continue on their planned three-week vacation to Iceland and Europe as an engaged couple.

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Elderly couple meets online, gets married on their birthday

Published: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 @ 5:20 PM

File photo of an elderly couple holding hands while sitting
jacoblund/Getty Images/iStockphoto
File photo of an elderly couple holding hands while sitting(jacoblund/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A Georgia couple is proving that it’s never too late to find love.

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Sylvia Moye and Stanley Krafchick of Tucker, Georgia, tied the knot on April 7.

Not only did they get married on April 7, but they were both celebrating their birthdays. Krafchick turned 86, and Moye turned 81.

They held a small reception for close friends and family at their Tucker home the next day.

Krafchick and Moye met online in 2015.

“I joined one of those senior single something or another,” Krafchick told Hot Topics. “And I didn’t have too much luck … I had one week left on my membership. And so I said after this one week, I’m going to give it up.”

That same week, he connected with Moye.

“I think the next-to-last day, I met Sylvia online,” said Krafchick. “We were corresponding. We were trying to arrange to get together and meet. And she was reluctant because she was nervous and wasn’t into it all that much.”

Krafchick got impatient and almost gave up.

“I said, ‘Look, I always felt you have to meet to get to know somebody. You can’t correspond and really get to know somebody,’” he said. “And so I said, ‘We have to meet or forget about it.’”

“When he said that, I thought, ‘You know, this sounds like a nice man. I’m not going to let him get away,’” said Moye.

The couple met a few days later at the food court at Northlake Mall in Atlanta.

“I was so dainty and delicate that I knocked over his coffee, spilled it all over him,” said Moye. “And I’m thinking to myself, ‘Good job, Sylvia. Really didn’t want to meet anybody, did you?’”

Despite the flub, the couple sat and chatted for about two hours.

“He called me when he got home, and the rest of us is history,” said Moye.

The couple said they sometimes have trouble understanding one another.

“We do have somewhat of a language barrier,” said Krafchick, who speaks with a New York accent he acquired growing up in the North.

“I speak Southern,” Moye said with a laugh. “He speaks that other language.”

Moye’s former husband died more than a decade ago.

“For 12 years, I had been alone,” she said. “I would be the one that would be looking out the window to see all my neighbors going somewhere with their respective husbands or boyfriends, picking up their girlfriends to go out. I’d be with my little dog, Bruce, going, ‘Well, Bruce, just you and me.’”

The two said they feel lucky to have found one another.

“I love this man with all of my heart. And also I inherited a wonderful family,” Moye said.

The newlyweds are looking forward to the days that lie ahead.

“We’re very happy. We’re very appreciative that we were able to meet somebody and feel this way, particularly at this age,” said Krafchick. “So we’re going to make the best of it and count every hour of every day, appreciate all those moments and not take anything for granted. So far it’s been great.”

Source: Elderly couple meets online, gets married on their birthday | Hot Topics by Rare on Rumble

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