Giant 3-foot rabbit found dead on United Airlines flight

Published: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 @ 12:29 PM

Giant 3-Foot Rabbit Found Dead On United Airlines Flight

While still dealing with legal action and negative public relations after a man was forcibly dragged from a flight, United Airlines is now investigating an incident in which a giant rabbit was found dead aboard one of the airline’s international flights.  

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According to the BBC, a nearly 3-foot-long giant rabbit named Simon was traveling from London’s Heathrow airport to Chicago’s O'Hare airport in the cargo space of a United plane on April 19.

The rabbit was being shipped to a new owner in the U.S.

Simon’s breeder, Annette Edwards, from Worcestershire, England, said the rabbit had been seen by a veterinarian hours before the flight. 

“Simon had a vet’s checkup three hours before the flight and was fit as a fiddle,” Edwards told The Sun. “I’ve sent rabbits all around the world and nothing like this has happened before.”

Edwards said the unidentified American buyer is upset.

“I haven’t got a clue who’s to blame, but it’s certainly very weird when Simon was so healthy,” Edwards told CNN.

Simon, a 10-month-old Continental Giant rabbit, was poised to grow to be the world’s largest rabbit, according to NBC News. The largest rabbit on record, as noted by the Guinness World Records, is Simon’s father, a 4-foot-4-inch and 50-pound animal named Darius.

“We were saddened to hear this news. The safety and well-being of all the animals that travel with us is of the utmost importance to United Airlines and our PetSafe team,” the airline said in a statement. “We have been in contact with our customer and have offered assistance. We are reviewing this matter.”

(Horacio Villalobos - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Earlier this month, United Airlines made headlines when a passenger, David Dao, was forcibly removed from a flight after refusing to give up his seat for a United employee on a fully booked flight. United CEO Oscar Munoz said no one would be fired for the incident.

VIDEO: Passenger Removed From United Airlines Flight


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Yanny or Laurel? Shelter names puppies after viral audio clip

Published: Thursday, May 17, 2018 @ 3:52 AM

File photo of a puppy. The Atlanta Humane Society jumped at the latest trend sweeping the internet by naming one puppy Yanny, the other Laurel.
Winsker /
File photo of a puppy. The Atlanta Humane Society jumped at the latest trend sweeping the internet by naming one puppy Yanny, the other Laurel.(Winsker /

Viral sensations are often forgotten about after a few days — the Mannequin Challenge comes to mind — but there’s a new one that a future dog owner or two will remember forever. 

>> See the Facebook post here

Yanny! Laurel! YANNY! LAUREL!

Posted by Atlanta Humane Society on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

>> Yanny or Laurel? Viral audio clip leaves internet divided

The Atlanta Humane Society jumped at the latest trend sweeping the internet by naming one puppy Yanny, the other Laurel. People have been hotly debating which one of those words can be heard in a short audio clip, similar to the great “What Color is this Dress” debate of 2015.

Why some hear "Laurel" and others hear "Yanny"

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Yanny, formerly known as Irving, is a 2-month-old male Chinese shar-pei mix. Laurel is a 3-month-old beagle mix who used to answer to Lillian. The puppies can be adopted for $295 each from the Howell Mill location. 

>> Yanny or Laurel debate: This is what you heard and why

This isn’t the first time the shelter has seized such an opportunity. The organization once named a puppy after the attention-capturing April the Giraffe.

The post of Yanny and Laurel, thought up by marketing manager Amanda Harris, garnered hundreds of likes in a couple hours. Harris said these kinds of tactics often lead to successful forever homes for the puppies, in addition to boosting awareness about AHS.

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“We love engaging with our social followers and friends with content that is fun and relevant to what’s happening on social media,” Harris said. 

One person joked in the comments: “When you call one, the other will come.”

Internet Sensation - What Do You Hear, Yanny or Laurel?

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LOOK: Dogs smile for the camera in viral daycare 'selfie'

Published: Sunday, May 13, 2018 @ 7:55 AM

A dog appears to smile in this stock photo.
Zsuzsa N.K. /
A dog appears to smile in this stock photo.(Zsuzsa N.K. /

When the human's away, the dogs will play.

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According to ABC News, some photogenic pups at an Ohio doggy daycare recently gained online fame after their adorable "selfie" went viral on Facebook.

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The playful pic, posted March 30 by Go Fetch Dog Daycare and Boarding in Cincinnati, shows dozens of pups posing for the camera. Although an employee took the photo, many commenters joked that one smiling pooch in the foreground appeared to be snapping a selfie.

>> See the image here

A bunch of goofballs!

Posted by Go Fetch Dog Daycare and Boarding on Friday, March 30, 2018

The image has been shared more than 7,000 times.


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Charges sought after owner admits to amputating dog's leg with steak knife

Published: Saturday, April 28, 2018 @ 12:14 PM

File image of a black Labrador Retriever.
File image of a black Labrador Retriever.(Pixabay)

A Michigan man may face animal cruelty charges after he admitted on camera to amputating his dog's leg, WXYZ reported.

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The dog's owner, Charles Wofford, told WDIV that he thought he was doing the right thing. He said his dog Blackie developed an infection in his leg after a dog fight.

The owner told WDIV that he couldn't afford to take the dog to a veterinarian, so he removed the leg himself with a clean steak knife. He told WXYZ that he used dental numbing cream before the amputation and the dog did not appear to be in pain, but instead was "relieved" after the leg was removed.

The Michigan Humane Society is caring for the dog after it was picked up Wednesday after receiving a tip from a concerned citizen, WDIV reported. Humane society officials believe a kitchen knife and garden shears were used to remove the dog's leg. The dog has undergone surgery and his prognosis is good, according to humane society officials.

The Michigan Humane Society told WDIV that it is working with authorities in hopes of animal cruelty charges being filed in the case.

Wofford told WXYZ that he hopes people can forgive him and that he loves his dog.

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Stray dog named Publix rescued, then adopted by his guardian angel

Published: Saturday, April 21, 2018 @ 11:45 AM
Updated: Tuesday, April 24, 2018 @ 10:15 AM

Publix the dog
PAWS Atlanta
Publix the dog(PAWS Atlanta)

A stray dog who lingered around a former Publix grocery store in metro Atlanta for a year has finally found a loving home. The story behind the adoption is heartwarming.

The animal shelter PAWS Atlanta posted Publix's story Friday on its Facebook page. Shelter staff said a woman came rushing to the office Thursday as it was closing, asking if they had Publix.

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Publix was a dog that shelter staff and concerned residents had been trying to rescue for a year. In December, shelter staff were able to rescue the dog and house him at the shelter. The woman who visited the facility Thursday evening knew the dog well; she called him Buddy. She said the dog would visit her shop and she would feed him, and the two had developed a close bond. When the dog disappeared in December, she had feared the worst.

The woman was overjoyed to learn that the rescue organization had Publix, after a friend alerted her when she saw the photo of the dog on the shelter's Instagram feed.

Shelter staff said Publix was thrilled to see the woman who had been so kind to him, and that they'd never seen Publix so happy or animated.

The woman decided to adopt Publix, making for the happiest of endings for all involved. In an update posted on Instagram Monday, the happy new owner said that Publix is her “little shadow,” and goes to work with her each day.

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