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Get your scare on: Here are real haunted places you can stay

Published: Thursday, October 27, 2016 @ 12:57 PM
Updated: Sunday, October 01, 2017 @ 1:08 PM

The Story Of The Stanley Hotel

If one of those fake "haunted house" locations aren't enough for to scare you out of your socks, you can always check in to a real haunted hotel. came up with a list that may have rooms with unexpected chills and creepy corners that may have you thinking someone is there. 

Hotel Parq Central is first on the list. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the luxury hotel was originally a former rail yard hospital that was eventually used as a psychiatric ward for children. There are rumors that the patients once housed there are still among the entities. Both employees and guests say they've heard strange whispers and feelings of being watched.

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The Marshall House, located in Savannah, Georgia, was once used by the Union Army during the Civil War. It was also used during yellow fever epidemics. Guests say the spirits of children run the hallways at night. Ghosts still walk around the hotel and the faucets turn on by themselves. The Marshall House embraces its haunts and offers Halloween stays that include talks about the history of the building.

The Stanley Hotel was made famous by Stephen King and his book "The Shining." As the hotel's history goes, King and his wife checked in for a one night stay in the Estes Park, Colorado, resort. They were the only ones on property. King was inspired to write the novel of the haunted hotel after that stay.

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The Hotel Del Coronado was made famous by the movie "Some Like It Hot." One woman, according to the hotel's website, never checked out. Kate Morgan is said to still roam the halls of the luxury beach-front hotel in Coronado, California. Morgan was at the hotel in 1892. She was seen having an argument on the train ride from Los Angeles to San Diego. He abandoned her during that trip. But she still checked in to the hotel. She went into San Diego to reportedly buy a handgun. The San Diego coroner said she died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Guests and employees see flickering lights, a television that turns itself on and off, changes in temperature and footsteps and voices. Paranormal researchers have documented supernatural activity in Morgan's room using gadgets like infrared cameras and night vision goggles.

Stay on Main was formerly known as Cecil Hotel. It is said to be the inspiration behind "American Horror Story: Hotel." As the Cecil, it was the home to at least two serial killers -- "Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger. A woman also is said to have killed herself by jumping from a hotel room, landing on and killing a pedestrian on the sidewalk below. Another woman was choked to death in the mid 60s. Her case was never solved. One story goes, a man was staying there and woke up in the middle of the night feeling like he was being choked. He said the felt the hands of an unseen person around his neck. After describing what happened to the hotel clerk, the employee said someone had been murdered in that room. Another creepy story was that of Elisa Lam, who disappeared from the hotel on Jan. 31, 2013. Her body was found more than two weeks later after guests told management that the water tasted strange. Lam's body was found in one of the roof-top water tanks, CNN reported. The hotel is currently closed, but is said to be in the middle of a conversion to a boutique hotel and micro-unit apartment complex, according to Curbed Los Angeles.

Not on the list, but still scary:

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Fairborn to host block party, parade and fireworks over two days

Published: Friday, June 29, 2018 @ 11:07 AM

            Fairborn hosted a parade for Fourth of July in 2017. CHUCK HAMLIN/STAFF
Fairborn hosted a parade for Fourth of July in 2017. CHUCK HAMLIN/STAFF

The city of Fairborn has two days for residents to celebrate the Fourth of July with a block party, parade and fireworks.

On Tuesday, the city will host a block party from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. along Main Street in downtown Fairborn. The block party will have vendors catering to food, crafts and information.

Cherry on Top will be one of the bands that perform at the block party. There will be rides, and Main Street stores will be open.

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The city hosts a Little Mister and Misses Fairborn contest that starts at 6:30 p.m. The contest is for students of the Fairborn City Schools that are ages six to nine.

On Wednesday, the city will have a Fourth of July Parade that starts at 10 a.m. There will be bands, floats, police and fire vehicles and the Shriners.

The party moves to Community Park at 5 p.m. for food, rides and entertainment. The party ends with a fireworks show that starts at 10 p.m.

“A nice, fun, family event for every age,” said Fourth of July committee member Jamie Bauer.

Visit the event’s Facebook page or contact Bauer at (937)672-1928 for more information.

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Celebrate Father's Day with these 10 so-bad-they're-good dad jokes

Published: Sunday, June 17, 2018 @ 9:01 AM

Father's Day - By the Numbers

Happy Father's Day!

>> Father's Day 2018: Where can dad eat free, get a discount on meals?

Twitter users around the world are using the hashtags #DadJokes and #FunnyThingsDadsSay to celebrate their dads with baffling wisecracks and head-scratching words of wisdom.

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Check out 10 of the best-worst jokes below:

1. "I've always had an irrational fear of speed bumps. But don't worry, I'm slowly getting over it." – @DaddingAround

2. "Why did the coffee go to the police? It got mugged." – @NPR

3. "It's not a dad bod. It's a father figure." – @chrismakespuns

4. "Was going to go to the new restaurant in space. Heard their food is great, but there is no atmosphere." – @MatBest11x

5. "Two peanuts were walking down the street. One was a salted." – @Fawcett_Matt

6. "If a short person waves at you, is it a microwave?" – @First_Jimothy

7. "I knew a guy who was addicted to drinking brake fluid. He said he could stop anytime." – @HouseofBoodles

8. "How do you find Will Smith in the snow? Look for the fresh prints!!!!" – @ProducerEddie

9. "That cow is amazing. ... She's outstanding in her field." – @GuyMcPerson309

10. "You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose." – @Johnsense38

Father’s Day 2018 Deals and Freebies

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Twins born Memorial Day weekend celebrate 'cookout style' in adorable costumes

Published: Wednesday, May 30, 2018 @ 7:22 AM

Twins Born Memorial Day Weekend Celebrate "Cookout Style"

Twins born at Pittsburgh's Washington Health System Washington Hospital over Memorial Day weekend were dressed to impress.

>> See the photo here

Posted by Washington Health System on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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The hospital wrote on Facebook: "We know everyone was honoring the brave men and women that have served and sacrificed for our country on Memorial Day with cookouts and spending time with family. Even our newborns were celebrating 'cookout style' over the weekend!"

>> See the full post here

We know everyone was honoring the brave men and women that have served and sacrificed for our country on Memorial Day...

Posted by Washington Health System on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Read the original story here.

Soldier Gets To See Family For Memorial Day Weekend Thanks To Stranger’s Kindness

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How not to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Published: Monday, April 30, 2018 @ 6:40 PM
Updated: Monday, April 30, 2018 @ 6:40 PM

Why We Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is Saturday, and before everyone gets ready for happy hours and parties, it helps to go in with a plan.

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There are plenty of ways to celebrate the day, which commemorates Mexico’s victory over France in the Battle of Puebla on May 5 1862, during the French-Mexican war.

Make sure you do not do any of the following:

Dress up in sombreros and fake mustaches

There is no need to "dress up" for this day, but if you do, do not wear a sombrero, mariachi suit, serape, fake mustache or anything of the sort if you are not a member of that culture. Those things have historical and cultural significance, and donning them just for a day caricatures and stereotypes people. That's not fun.

Go out and get drunk

There is nothing wrong with drinking in moderation and doing it socially, but responsibility is key. What is the use in celebrating a day if you get sick or can't remember it?

Make English words Spanish by adding an "o" on the end

Not only does it not make any sense, but by doing this, it makes fun of another language and turns it into a joke. The same goes for plays on the holiday name, so no parties or themes like "Cinco de Drinko."

You can make a margarita cupcake or a fun cocktail, or have dinner at a family-owned Mexican restaurant. There are plenty of ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo without doing any of the three above.

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