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#Teamnatural: 6 easy-to-do, protective natural hairstyles

Published: Thursday, September 21, 2017 @ 11:42 AM
Updated: Thursday, September 21, 2017 @ 11:42 AM
By: Lauren Booker - For the AJC

Everyone needs a hair makeover from time-to-time. 

Give your natural hair a must needed rest from heat and styling to help protect your locks from damage.

Through protective styling, women of color can achieve beautiful hair styles that aren't difficult to install and don't require much maintenance. Though these styles give your hair a break from heat, according to hair blog Curly Nikki, it’s important not over do it with protective styles. Too many protective styles back-to-back can lead to tangling, dryness and breakage.

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If you’re up for a little hair inspiration, we’ve gathered six easy-to-do protective natural styles that are worth giving a try.

Bantu knots

Protect your locks by wrapping them up into tight Bantu Knots. Celebrities from Rihanna to Teyana Taylor have been spotted rocking the funky hairstyle, but the hairdo has a rich history that dates back to around 1898, according to Ebony.

To create Bantu Knots, wash, condition and comb hair first. Then spread a product like a pomade onto the hair before twisting the hair into a rope. From there, wrap the hair into knots and fasten it.

Twist out

Achieve luxurious curls without heat or curlers with the popular twist out style. The hairdo uses the hair's natural texture and moisturizers to create luscious spiral curls in just a few hours.

Curly Nikki advises for women to accomplish the twist out look by twisting freshly washed and moisturized hair into around 12-15 sections of twists. After waiting until the hair is fully dry, then it's the perfect time to untwist the hair and to marvel at the result.

Goddess braids

Unveil your inner goddess by braiding your hair up into show-stopping goddess braids, and it's easier to create this hair do than you might think. Section your hair off into two parts first to begin the elegant style . Then, braid in hair extensions for the braids to appear thicker and longer.

Fan bun

The fan bun is the perfect solution for when you are on the go and in need of a protective hairstyle. The hairdo only takes less than five minutes to be mounted. Try to avoid using hair pins for this look, and you can make the bun bigger by adding a bun maker.

Jumbo braids

Opt for jumbo braids that provide less strain on your hair than smaller braids. The easy to do hairstyle can be executed at home. All you have to do is section off washed and conditioned hair into sections and braid in extension hair for long luscious thick braids. 

Havana Twists

Create gorgeous Havana Twists by creating it with  Havana Twist Hair or Marley Braid Hair. The hairdo is completed by twisting the extension hair into your natural hair and then crossing each twist over the other. When each of the twists is completed, they can last for up to six weeks.