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That time Scoochie Smith interviewed me

Published: Monday, February 06, 2017 @ 1:52 PM
By: David Jablonski

Scoochie Smith turned the table on me today. After four seasons of me asking the questions — the 2013-14 season was the first UD season for both of us— Dayton’s senior point guard interviewed me on camera for Roy Flynn’s broadcasting class at the home of Flyer TV at Kennedy Union.

It’s one of the last classes Smith will take at UD. He's majoring in media production and will graduate in the spring. He hopes to play in the NBA and also wants to start his own business.

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Scoochie, who have I hard time referring to as Smith even if it is proper journalism, is well known for his poise under pressure on the basketball court, and he did a fine job with this interview. He came prepared, which is the most important part.

It was obvious Scoochie studied my short biography on our website because he asked me about Toledo, where I was born (in the same hospital as Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh, for what it’s worth), and Mount Orab, where I grew up, and Ohio University, where I went to school.

Scoochie peppered me with a series of quick questions at the end:

1. What’s the favorite part of my job? (Having a front-row seat).

2. What’s the worst part of my job (Transcribing interviews).

3. Who’s my favorite UD player? (Scoochie, of course; could I have answered any differently?)

I don’t know if the video of the interview will be posted anywhere, but I asked Scoochie to send me a link so I can show it to my parents at least. We won’t quite be even because I’ve written dozens of stories on him and snapped thousands of photos of him, but we’ll be one step closer.