Dayton Flyers seniors among highest-scoring classes in school history

Published: Sunday, February 26, 2017 @ 5:07 PM

Dayton seniors (left to right) Kendall Pollard, Kyle Davis, Charles Cooke and Scoochie Smith, plus sophomore Xeyrius Williams, react after Smith’s third 3-pointer in overtime against Davidson on Friday, Feb. 24, 2017, at Belk Arena in Davidson, N.C.
David Jablonski
Dayton seniors (left to right) Kendall Pollard, Kyle Davis, Charles Cooke and Scoochie Smith, plus sophomore Xeyrius Williams, react after Smith’s third 3-pointer in overtime against Davidson on Friday, Feb. 24, 2017, at Belk Arena in Davidson, N.C.(David Jablonski)

Fans of the Dayton Flyers are already wondering if UD will leave tissues at each seat Wednesday night. They’re prepared to cry as they watch the winningest class in school history play its last game at UD Arena.

Scoochie Smith, Kendall Pollard and Kyle Davis have been on the court or on the bench for 101 wins in the last four seasons. Charles Cooke has been with the team for the last three seasons and on the court for the last two. Jeremiah Bonsu has never scored a point, but he has been on the team for three seasons.

All will say goodbye to their home court at 8 p.m. Wednesday when Dayton plays Virginia Commonwealth with the Atlantic 10 Conference championship on the line.

Everyone knows these seniors have won more games than any class in school history, but they have also scored 4,046 points (and counting). That doesn’t include 606 points Cooke scored in two seasons at James Madison.

Where does this senior class rank in points scored compared to other senior classes in UD history? It ranks fifth with 4,045 points. It is averaging 51.8 points per game, so it’s likely to move up one spot before the season ends.

Here’s a list of the combined points total of every senior class since 1952. There’s one junior included. Johnny Davis left school after his junior year to play in the NBA. Points totals come from the UD Media Guide.

Negele Knight, former Flyer and who was selected by the Phoenix Suns in the second round of the 1990 NBA Draft. SOURCE: UDPRIDE.COM

1990 (6,341)

Negele Knight, 1,806

Anthony Corbitt, 1,760

Noland Robinson, 942

Ray Springer, 788

Bill Uhl 531

Troy McCracken 514

1952 (4,643)

Don Meineke 1,866

Chuck Grigsby 1,105

Junior Norris 1,009

Pete Boyle 443

Gene Joseph 220

1968 (4,413)

Don May 1,980

Bobby Joe Hooper 1,059

Rudy Waterman 543

Glinder Torain 644

Jim Wannemacher 187

Former UD basketball player Keith Waleskowski acknowledges the crowd as he’s inducted into the Dayton Hall of Fame on Saturday, March 8, 2014, at UD Arena. David Jablonski/Staff

2004 (4,153)

Ramod Marshall, 1,538

Keith Waleskowski, 1,515

Sean Finn 1,003

Frank Iguodala, 82

Greg Kohls 15

2017 (4,046)

Scoochie Smith 1,222

Kendall Pollard 1,111

Charles Cooke 907

Kyle Davis 806

1955 (3,972)

John Horan 1,757

Jack Sallee 1,610

Chris Harris 605

University of Dayton's Chris Johnson is fired up after Dayton takes an early lead over Alabama at University of Dayton Arena on Wednesday, Dec. 7. Staff photo by Teesha McClam(Teesha Mcclam)

2012 (3,422)

Chris Johnson 1,467

Paul Williams 876

Luke Fabrizius 541

Josh Parker 538

1974 (3,378)

Donald Smith 1,655

Mike Sylvester 1,248

John Von Lehman 475

2010 (3,280)

Marcus Johnson 1,286

Kurt Huelsman 611

London Warren 532

Mickey Perry 426

Rob Lowery 413

Dan Fox 7

Luke Hendrick 5

1956 (3,237)

Bill Uhl 1,627

James Paxson 956

Ray Dieringer 274

Bob Fiely 281

Bob Jacoby 99

Flyers legend Brian Roberts is honored at halftime of Saturday’s win over St. Bonaventure with induction into the UD Athletic Hall of Fame. ERIK SCHELKUN / CONTRIBUTED(columnist)

2008 (2,901)

Brian Roberts 1,962

Jimmy Binnie 567

Andres Sandoval 372

1971 (2,892)

Ken May 1,207

Tom Crosswhite 798

George Jackson 714

George Schloemer 95

Jack Keehan 78

1987 (2,883)

Ed Young 1,253

Anthony Grant 902

Dan Christie 690

Don Hughes 38

1994 (2,760)

Alex Robertson 1,212

Derrick Dukes 1,061

John Richter 368

Andrew Gaydosh 119

1996 (2,694)

Andy Meyer 988

Darnell Hahn 653

Chris Daniels 610

Jeffrey Brookins 367

Marco Pikaar 76

1962 (2,670)

Gary Roggenburk 1,398

Tom Hatton 926

Stan Greenberg 346

1979 (2,640)

Jim Paxson 1,945

Doug Harris 478

Mike Lee 217

Arizona's Lamont Frazier, right, knocks the ball away from Dayton's Brooks Hall in the first half of a second-round game of the Maui Invitational in Lahaina, Hawaii Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2000. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)(MICHAEL CONROY)

2003 (2,624)

Brooks Hall 1,404

Nate Green 818

D.J. Stelly 402

2000 (2,560)

Mark Ashman 1,449

Edwin Young 782

Ted Fitz 116

Matt Cooper 108

Stephen Bamigbola 105

1966 (2,503)

Henry Finkel 1,968

Bill Cassidy 408

Jack Warrell 127

UD great recognized on day Atlantic 10 announces it will honor him in March

1958 (2,490)

Bucky Bockhorn 941

Don Lane 754

Jack McCarthy 643

Dick Bogenrife 149

Tom Nartker 3

1982 (2,478)

Mike Kanieski 1,642

Sean McNally 392

Mike Gorney 178

George Morrison 266

Capital’s Damon Goodwin reacts to a play during a game against Wittenberg on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016, at the Capital Center in Bexley. David Jablonski/Staff

1986 (2,424)

Damon Goodwin 1,191

Dave Colbert 1,049

Jeff Zern 149

Jim Shields 5

Rory Dahlinghaus 30

1960 (2,378)

Frank Case 1,175

Terry Bockhorn 530

Joe Kennelly 447

Hank Josefczyk 226

University of Dayton basketball legend Roosevelt Chapman in the 1980s.(Staff Writer)

1984 (2,233)

Roosevelt Chapman 2,233

Dayton’s Jordan Sibert, left, Devin Oliver, center, and Dyshawn Pierre celebrate in the final seconds of a victory against Massachusetts on Saturday, March 1, 2014, at UD Arena. David Jablonski/Staff

2014 (2,211)

Devin Oliver 923

Vee Sanford 735

Matt Kavanaugh 558

Brian Vonderhaar 5

1978 (2,208)

Erv Giddings 1,227

Terry Ross 527

Joe Siggins 112

Mike Brannen 42

Johnny Davis and Don Donoher are recognized during a game against East Tennessee State on Saturday. David Jablonski/Staff(Staff Writer)

1976 (2,142)

Johnny Davis* 1,562

Leighton Moulton 580

* Left after junior season

2011 (1,996)

Chris Wright 1,601

Devin Searcy 389

Pete Zestermann 5

Logan Nourse 1

1957 (1,927)

Jim Palmer 631

Al Sicking 601

Carmen Riazzi 451

Bill Almashy 244

Dayton’s Tony Stanley applauds his teammates from the bench in the second half during a game against George Washington in 2001 at UD Arena. Behind Stanley is Sam Smith. Staffy photo

2001 (1,840)

Tony Stanley 1,835

Gamal Gilchrist 5

1983 (1,832)

Kevin Conrad 983

Mike Reichert 466

Mike Byrd 383

1970 (1,821)

George Janky 910

Jim Gottschall 725

Jerry Gottschall 140

Mike Leffel 46

1963 (1,804)

Bill Westerkamp 705

Harold Schoen 447

Dan Mueller 275

Paul Winterhalter 122

Ron Anello 255

1969 (1,791)

Dan Sadlier 915

Dan Obrovac 657

Ned Sharpenter 127

Tom Heckman 92

1992 (1,759)

Chip Jones 663

Wes Coffee 555

Makor Shayok 541

1997 (1,755)

Shawn Haughn 709

Rodney Horton 539

Darnell Hoskins 324

Maurice Beyina 183

2002 (1,738)

Yuanta Holland 926

David Morris 812

1980 (1,706)

Jack Zimmerman 1,480

Tim Pohlman 226

2013 (1,678)

Kevin Dillard 913

Josh Benson 765

1964 (1,678)

Gordy Hatton 1,097

Chuck Izor 376

Jim Powers 137

Don Smith 68

1975 (1,575)

Allen Elijah 806

Jim Testerman 323

Joe Fisher 440

Dan Herling 6

1961 (1,557)

Bill Cramsey 574

Pat Allen 492

Phil Dubensky 363

Don Heller 76

Ray Zawadzki 52

1998 (1,524)

Ryan Perryman 1,524

1985 (1,458)

Sedric Toney 722

Larry Schellenberg 617

Ted Harris 119

1999 (1,394)

Coby Turner 1,025

Josh Postorino 369

1991 (1,351)

Norm Grevey 875

Sam Howard 279

Ken Branch 197

1995 (1,323)

Chip Hare 1,323

Dayton forward Bobby Wehrli reacts to a play during a game against La Salle on Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015, at UD Arena.(David Jablonski)

2016 (1,231)

Dyshawn Pierre 1,145

Bobby Wehrli 86

1981 (1,083)

Richard Montague 1,083


Monty Scott 1,054

2015 (1,030)

Jordan Sibert 1,030

1972 (1,016)

Pat Murnen 422

Rex Gardecki 255

Al Bertke 339

The Rev. J.D. Grigsby with Dallas police offers earlier this month. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

1973 (1,014)

J.D. Grigsby 402

Gordy Gahm 215

John Bitter 346

Steve Hess 51

2006 (1,007)

Warren Williams 584

Logan White 162

Marques Bennett 244

Jeff Penno 17

2009 (996)

Charles Little 996

2005 (894)

Mark Jones 894

1965 (833)

Bob Sullivan 833

Representing the University of Dayton's Men's basketball program are Don Donoher and Archie Miller as Wright Dunbar, Inc. honored Dayton Region’s 2014 Walk of Fame inductees Thursday at the Ponitz Center. The honorees were: Paul “Easy” Arnold, Clark E. Beck, the University of Dayton Flyers basketball program, Richard E. Grant, Sr., and Michael Hauer. JIM WITMER / STAFF(Jim Witmer)

1954 (793)

Don Donoher 578

Larry Pedicord 146

George Woywod 69

1967 (733)

Gene Klaus 669

John Samanich 22

Dave Inderrieden 42

1989 (732)

Steve Pittman 732

1953 (444)

Vaughn Taylor 444

1988 (305)

Steve Smith 272

Eric Mathews 33

1959 (122)

Mike Allen 122

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10 things you missed from Dayton Flyers coach Anthony Grant’s interview on WHIO Radio

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Anthony Grant talks on WHIO Radio on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, in Dayton. Jeremy Ratliff/Staf
David Jablonski
Anthony Grant talks on WHIO Radio on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, in Dayton. Jeremy Ratliff/Staf(David Jablonski)

Six weeks into his tenure as head coach of the Dayton Flyers, Anthony Grant stopped by WHIO Radio to talk to the voice of the Flyers, Larry Hansgen, on the Miami Valley Morning News. 

Here are some highlights from the interview Wednesday morning:

• On putting the coaching staff together: “It has been hectic, but it’s been good. I’m really happy with the staff we’ve put together. We’re moving in the right direction in terms of finishing things out.”

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•  On associate head coach Anthony Solomon: “He’s a former head coach, a guy who’s been a lot of different places and has a lot of relationships. He’s very good on the floor.”

• On assistant coach James Kane: “He’s a guy I knew when I was at the University of Florida. He was a student there. Long story. We used to play a 3-on-3 challenge against the students. We were undefeated for a long time, and James’ team actually beat us. It’s the only time anyone beat us in my time there.

EXCLUSIVE: A sneak peak at UD Arena renovations

• On assistant coach Ricardo Greer: He played 14 years overseas, and actually in a week and a half, he’s going into the hall of fame in France for his playing career.”

• On special assistant Darren Hertz: “Darren has an important role for us in terms of analytics, breaking down our team and helping me to analyze what we’re doing offensively and defensively.”

• On new recruit Jalen Crutcher: “Once he saw this place and saw the resources we have here and the commitment on and off the court, academically, athletically, socially, I think he saw this will be a great fit for him.”

• On John Crosby returning to the team: “John, obviously, is a guy who has had kind of a rocky road a little bit, I think it would be fair to say, in terms of his production on the court. He’s a guy who really has a lot of pride in terms of wanting to do well and wanting to showcase what he’s capable of doing. I think he just wanted some reassurance that he would have an opportunity to compete and earn playing time and help the team. When you talk to his teammates, they all said great things about him in terms of who he is as a person. Once we worked all that out, in terms of his understanding the direction we were taking the program and his role in it, I think he felt very comfortable moving forward. He did a great job finishing out academically. We’re excited to have him back on the team.”

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• On getting to know his new players: “My first order of business for them was to take care of the classroom, to make sure they finished strong academically. We really didn’t do much on the court. I was able the last couple of weeks, before they had preparation for finals, to get them on the court and just see where they’re at. This will be a big summer. Some of the guys will be here first summer session. Then we’ll have pretty much everybody here for the second summer session.”

• On two of the biggest influences on him, Don Donoher and Billy Donovan: “The common thread between those two guys is their understanding of what it takes to win, not only on the court but in life.

• On what his time as a player at UD meant to him: “I talked to the guys who just finished their careers here and about their passion for their place. This is a special place and will always be a special place for those who played here.”

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