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Archie Miller on Dayton Flyers: ‘They’re very resilient’

Published: Saturday, March 04, 2017 @ 8:37 AM
By: David Jablonski

Dayton Flyers coach Archie Miller has molded a team that plays as he did 15 years ago at North Carolina State.

Lance McAlister, of 700 WLW in Cincinnati, asked Miller about that on his radio show Thursday, one day after the Flyers beat Virginia Commonwealth 79-72 to clinch the outright Atlantic 10 Championship.

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“You try to coach the game the way you see it through your eyes,” Miller said. “The way I was brought up playing the game, we were always competing and playing to win. Be tough. Be the hardest-working guy when no one’s around. I try to approach our program that way. Working at it every day is more important than game day, the individual instruction alongside that, and then the development of a style.

“We want to be up-tempo with pace. We want to have skill and versatility. But we also want to be a tough-minded group that is hard to knock out. That’s what this group has really been about through the course of their careers. They’re very resilient. If you look back on my career, it wasn’t standout, but I did have to deal with some adversity and be resilient against the odds.”