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Why THIS is the weekend to go to Blind Bob’s 

Published: Tuesday, August 01, 2017 @ 6:00 AM
Updated: Thursday, August 24, 2017 @ 6:00 AM
By: Amelia Robinson

Blind Bob’s is getting to be a big boy. 

The bar at 430 E. 5th St. in Dayton’s Oregon District will celebrate its ninth anniversary with a weekend of music and drink specials from Aug. 25 to 27. 

All shows are $5, ages 21 and up, and start at 9 p.m. The restaurant and bar specializes in live music from local and national acts. 

Blind Bob’s kitchen will be open for normal hours, and brunch is served Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. 

Friday's lineup:

-Cadaver Dogs


-The Jasons

-Red Hot Rebellion! 

Saturday’s lineup:


-The Flips


-Black Sire

Sunday’s lineup:  

-Lia Menaker

-Zack Sliver

-Kyla Meainous

-Nolan Taylor

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Bob Mendenhall, now a retired Social Security administrator, and his wife Lisa, a gardener by trade, opened Blind Bob’s at the former site of Nite Owl nightclub in 2008 at the urging of their son Nate. Then the recession hit.

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“We pretty much kept the lights on by kids who came through here and wanted to buy PBR and a shot of Jameson,” Bob told this news organization in 2015. “I made a vow to myself right then, I was going to keep the price of beer like PBR down to the absolute minimum, as low as I can, in homage of those kids who got me through that first winter.”

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The family also owns Lily’s Bistro near Bob’s in the Oregon District. 

“It's important to celebrate life's milestones and the bar's birthday is definitely a big event to the Blind Bob's crew,” Nat Mendenhall said. “When we first opened we knew what we wanted to do, but we were new to running a venue and restaurant and success wasn't guaranteed. By our third anniversary we started to realize that we just might be able to achieve our goals. Now at nine years in it's still a challenge to keep up in an increasingly competitive market, but we keep doing our best to put out great food and to keep having great live music.”   

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More info on Blind Bob’s anniversary bash on Facebook.