Natalie Jovonovich - News Center 7 Reporter

Published: Tuesday, August 09, 2016 @ 3:55 PM

Natalie Jovonovich

I'm honored to have the chance to work at the #1 television station, not just in Dayton, but across the entire country! NewsCenter7 has a great reputation and I'm excited to be part of a news team that's always working to serve our viewers.  

I call Ohio my home away from home, as I've now lived in three of the four corners of the state. Though I grew-up north of Pittsburgh, Ohio University was my one and only choice when it came to colleges. And for two years I was an anchor and reporter Youngstown. Now I've moved from the Mahoning Valley to the Miami Valley!  

To say I love to eat would be an understatement. I'm always excited to try new restaurants, especially if they have a good patio for when the weather's nice! My absolute favorite thing to do is sit outside, buried in a good book.  

The stories I like to tell are your stories, so I want to hear from you! I can't wait to explore all our area has to offer. 



Where were you born? 

Santa Monica, California 


Where did you grow up? 

Pittsburgh! And yes, that makes me a Steelers fan. 


 What is your favorite TV show? 

The Golden Girls, hands-down. 


What was the first thing you ever wanted to be? 

I always wanted to be a journalist, believe it or not. In fact in 1st grade I came home and told my mom I loved to read so much that I wanted to do it all the time when I grew-up. 


How might someone have described you in high school? 

I was incredibly awkward. 


What was your first job? 

I worked at a dry cleaner. 


What was your first job in television? 

Weekend anchor and weekday reporter in Marquette, Michigan (the Upper Peninsula!) 


What do you like about your job? 

I'm a naturally curious person so I like being the first to know the details. 


What do you not like about your job? 

Having to go through 'red tape,' trying to get people to talk to you that don't want to but are the most critical to the story. 


What might people be surprised to know about you? 

That I'm very outgoing when I get to know someone, but not right away. 


 What advice would you have for someone wanting to go into the business? 

Don't expect anything to be handed to you. Pay your dues and you'll earn the respect of any colleague. But no opportunity is impossible to attain if you're passionate about news. 


If you could only keep one 5-minute tape from your career what would be on it?

While I was working in Michigan, President Obama came to speak and I covered his arrival at the airport. The wind chill that day was -11 and I think I was still numb days later after standing outside for several hours. But I'll never forget the excitement I felt, along with the people waiting to catch a glimpse of him. And in Youngstown, I witnessed five people get hit by a car during a candlelight vigil. I became part of the story when I had to tell officers what I saw. It was interesting being on both sides like that, that's never happened to me before.   



Favorite book: Gone With the Wind  

Favorite CBS show: The Price is Right  

Favorite food: Pasta, of any kind  

Favorite hobby: Reading, taking long walks, playing tennis  

Favorite music: I never get tired of listening to oldies  

Favorite travel destination: California

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