‘American Idol’ Judges Amazed By 16-Year-Old’s Original Song During Audition

The latest season of “American Idol” is in full swing and with that comes new, incredible talent.

In a video released Thursday (March 4), we meet Caleb Kenney, a 16-year-old from South Carolina who enters the audition room with his guitar and an original song titled, “Nowhere.”

The mullet styled, raspy voiced singer admits he hasn’t yet written a second verse to his original song just performed and Luke Bryan immediately offers assistance - “I’ll help you right now.”

Listen, you better finish that song “Nowhere” because that song’s gonna take you somewhere.

—  Katy Perry to Caleb Kennedy

Kennedy admits to lacking self-confidence when it comes to his voice and considers himself more of a writer. The judges swiftly praise him and tell him he already has a “storyteller’s voice.” We can’t wait to watch his journey.

Watch the incredible moment: