11.29.19 Credit Karma bank account; Avoid cable modem monthly fees

Published: Friday, November 29, 2019 @ 5:00 PM

We get many calls about online banks. Last December Clark was talking about stock trading app Robinhood launching a 3% checking account. That was shut down in 2 days by regulators because it was non-compliant with insurance rules. Robinhood has just launched a savings account paying 2%+ with a debit MC – this time with FDIC insurance of 1.25M. They followed the playbook of Seedrs (?) – a private program that allows you spread money over multiple institutions. Robinhood has 5 banks that have joined them in offering FDIC insured saving/spending accounts. Credit Karma has launched their savings account to their 100M members.

If you get internet from a cable monopoly, they make you rent your modem from them. That’s a ripoff of $10- $12 a month on a modem you can buy for $40- $60. Go to the company to search what modems are compatible with their internet service – and buy your own. Check speed requirements. Docsis 3.0 is an example of what you’ll need. Also know if you get TV from a cable monopoly, they my quote you a package price of $59, and not to mention additional $40 junk fees. Look into streaming to save money.
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