Company re-announces recall after fire death, and new recalls this week 

Published: Friday, August 24, 2018 @ 5:13 PM


A company re-announced a recall of dangerous electric space heaters after a reported death and new recalls included toy planes and pool steps, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 


We first told you about the Vornado Air space heater recall in April, and now the company is re-announcing the recall after a report of a 90-year-old man’s death in a fire caused by one of the products. 

There are a total of 19 reports of Vornado VH101 Personal Vortex electric space heaters catching on fire.   

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The deadly blaze happened in Chanhassen, Minnesota, in December of 2017, according to the CPSC.

The recalled heaters were sold in black, coral orange, grayed jade, cinnamon, fig, ice white and red. 

Do not use these heaters and contact Vornado at 855-215-5131 to receive a full refund or a free replacement product. 


Pool step systems by Confer Plastics are under recall because children’s limbs can get stuck in the side openings, putting them at risk of drowning.

There are two reports of children’s arms getting entrapped, but no serious injuries. 

The recall involves Confer Curve base and add-ons with the model numbers CCX-AG, CCX-IG AND CCX-ADD, manufactured between 2013 and 2018. 

Don’t use the recalled steps and contact Confer Plastics at 800-635-3213 to receive a free repair kit. 

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Pull-Back Speedy Jets by Manhattan Toy are being recalled because they pose a choking hazard.

There are two reports of the rubber tires detaching from the wheels, but no one has been hurt. 

Don’t let children play with the recalled toy planes which have the lot code 1554400 EJ. 

Contact Manhattan Toy Company at 800-541-1345 for a full refund. 

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Leaky gas tanks are prompting a recall of off-road utility vehicles by American Landmaster. 

No one has been hurt, but don’t use the 2018 Landstar, Crossroad and Trailwagon four wheel vehicles with various model number and VINs.

Contact American Landmaster at 800-643-7332 for a free repair.

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Yamaha is recalling some snowmobiles because the handgrips can come lose and cause you to fall or crash.

The recall involves 2018 Yamaha SRVenture DX snowmobiles with the VIN betweeen 4UF8MU107JT000101 AND 4UF8MU106JT000364. 

Don’t ride on the recalled snowmobiles and contact Yamaha at 800-962-7926 to schedule a free repair.  No injuries have been reported.

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