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Washington, D.C. preps for Donald Trump's Inauguration

Published: Friday, January 13, 2017 @ 3:00 PM

With less than a week to go, workers are busy putting the final touches on the Inaugural platform, the viewing stands and thousands of seats on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol, as this city prepares for the transfer of power on January 20 to President-Elect Donald Trump.

Where the Capitol Christmas Tree stood just a few weeks ago is now a sea of folding chairs, as work continues on the VIP viewing areas for members of Congress and important guests.

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This is what it looks like from the offices of Speaker Paul Ryan:

This is what the tickets look like for those lucky enough to be in the good seats out on the lawn:

Here are some other views from the west front of the Capitol - one from the Senate side:

One from the House side of the Capitol (that's my window view):

When you walk around the Capitol grounds, you get a sense of the immense amount of preparation - it's more than just setting up a few things for the swearing-in of a new President.

And there are all sorts tourists stopping by to snap a photo as well.

Moving down the National Mall, there are lots of signs that we are about to have a giant event, as port-a-johns are popping up like weeds everywhere - like here in front of the original Smithsonian building.

Go west from there, past the Washington Monument and you start running into security fencing leading up to the Lincoln Memorial, where there will be a concert on January 19 to celebrate the Trump victory.

One thing you also notice all around the city are what seem to be temporary cell phone towers, to help deal with a crush of supporters - and protesters - here in the nation's capital.

On Sunday, there will be a dress rehearsal at the Capitol, as the hours tick down to Inauguration Day on January 20.

As of now, the long range weather forecast looks good - partly cloudy with a high of 58, and a low of just 42 degrees. That would be downright balmy conditions if the sun is out.

That forecast would be the warmest for Inauguration Day since Ronald Reagan's first Inaugural in 1981, when the high was 55 degrees.

Mother Nature exacted some payback four years later, when the outdoor festivities were canceled because of a snow storm and cold, as temperatures ended up sliding below zero in 1985.

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