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Trump tells Dems - no legislating until investigations are stopped

Published: Wednesday, May 22, 2019 @ 12:39 PM

Angered by investigative efforts in Congress pressed by House Democrats, President Donald Trump on Wednesday cut short an Oval Office meeting with Democratic leaders on an infrastructure bill, walking into the Rose Garden to tell reporters that he would not work with Democrats on major legislative initiatives until Congress ends investigations related to the Russia probe and more.

"Get these phony investigations over with," the President said, clearly aggravated by comments made earlier in the day by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who accused Mr. Trump of engaging in a 'cover-up' by ignoring subpoenas and refusing to turn over documents in a series of investigations led by Democrats.

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"I don't do cover-ups," Mr. Trump said with a distinct note of frustration in his voice, as he again said the Mueller Report should have been the last word on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

"As President Trump has always said: No Collusion. No Obstruction," the White House tweeted soon after his impromptu Rose Garden remarks.

Returning to the Capitol from the White House, Democrats said the scene seemed like a set up.

"It's clear that this was not a spontaneous move on the President's part," said Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer, as Democrats accused the President of doing everything he could to avoid bipartisan agreements on issues like infrastructure, which was the subject of today's sit down at the White House.

“I pray for the President,” Speaker Pelosi said afterwards.

Just last night, Mr. Trump had sent Democrats a letter asking that infrastructure efforts be delayed until after approval of the US-Mexico-Canada free trade agreement - which still has not even been submitted to the Congress for a vote.

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