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Lot Tan

News Center 7 Reporter

Joining the award winning News Center 7 team is an honor. WHIO-TV has a strong reputation for excellence, and I’m excited to contribute to the number one CBS station in the country.

I grew up on the West Coast, in Long Beach, California. It’s little different than the Midwest…OK a lot different. The weather was great, I lived about 10 minutes from the beach and enjoyed playing basketball with my friends. I’ve adjusted to the cold temps and the snow, I do enjoy going sledding with my kids.

I graduated from California State University of Long Beach with a bachelors degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in political science. My first job after college was in Rockford, Illinois at WREX-TV the NBC affiliate. I loved working there and made so many lifelong friends including my future wife.

The Mrs. and I moved to Southwest Ohio after I accepted a job with the Ohio News Network. You may have seen some of my stories which aired on News Center 7 while I reported for ONN.

My wife and I have two kids, a son and daughter. We love the state parks and various outdoor activities that Ohio has to offer. In my spare time I love playing sports, cheering on the L.A. Lakers and watching mixed martial arts.

I would love to hear from you, please send me any interesting story ideas you may have.

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Q & A

Where were you born?
I was born in Battambang, Cambodia. It’s a city in the northwest corner of the country.

 Where did you grow up?
I grew up in beautiful, sunny Long Beach, California. I immigrated to the U.S. when I was two years old with my parents in 1981 after my parents survived the Khmer Rouge labor camps and the Cambodian Civil War.

What was your favorite TV show then?
As a kid I loved Transformers cartoons and watching pro wrestling WWF. I was a big Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan fan

What was the first thing you ever wanted to be?
An astronomer. I’m fascinated by how the universe began and the big bang theory

How might someone have described you in high school?
A good kid who dreamed of playing on the basketball team but couldn’t dunk or make a 15 footer consistently. So I wrote for the school paper.

Were you involved in any high school sports?
I wish! See above question.

What was your first journalism job?
I was a reporter/photographer for WREX-TV in Rockford, IL. I absolutely loved my time there, I learned so much. In addition to reporting, I shot and edited my stories. My news director also gave me a chance to fill in on the anchor desk during the weekend.

What do you like about your job?
I love learning about different topics, I especially like writing about science and medical breakthrough stories. I also enjoy talking to people about controversial issues.

What don’t you like about your job?
Sometimes we have to talk to
family members of a victim involved in a terrible tragedy. I always try to respect their privacy and I completely understand if they don’t want to talk that day.

If not working, what could someone find you doing on a weekend on your time off?
At the park with my wife, son and daughter, we love playing soccer with our kids or pushing them on the swings. I also love watching the Lakers on TV.

What might people be surprised to know about you?
You would think growing up only ten minutes away from the beach that I would know how to surf, right? But I don’t, in fact I’m not even a great swimmer. I mean I can swim for two minutes but need a break, yeah I know I got to work on my cardio.

What would be a perfect day for you?
Playing basketball at the park with my friends and also enjoying a bonfire at the beach with family and friends.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a journalist?
While in college, get internships at TV stations and newspapers that allow you hands on experience. Take English/writing/grammar/speech classes and learn how to shoot video.


Favorite book:Of Mice and Men
Favorite CBS show: Survivor and 60 Minutes
Favorite food:My mom’s cooking, I love Cambodian food. Also love eating In-N-Out burgers.
Favorite hobby:basketball
Favorite Miami Valley place: Ozone Zipline Adventures at Camp Kern
Favorite movie:Wedding Crashers
Favorite music:Growing up in Long Beach during the 90s, it was all about west coast rap, so my friends and I listened to a lot of Snoop Dogg and Warren G songs.
Favorite travel destination: Long Beach, California.

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