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These cookies from a local bakery are SO good that Allison Janney gets them specially delivered to set

Published: Thursday, September 28, 2017 @ 6:00 AM
By: Amelia Robinson

One thing is for certain, Allison Janney has great taste in cookies and roles. 

The Hollywood A-lister and through-and-through Daytonian is a big fan of the sand tarts made at Ashley’s Pastry Shop in Oakwood. 

Janney is set to be inducted into the Dayton Walk of Fame during a luncheon tomorrow. 

She told us that she treats her crew on CBS’ “Mom” to her favorite cookies,  Ashley’s sand tarts. 

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“For a while, they thought that I had baked them. I say ‘no, they are from my favorite bakery in Dayton, Ohio,’ ” the Oakwood-raised star of CBS’ Mom said. “They are absolutely delicious. They are like a delicious snickerdoodle with a meringue on top. They are soft and moist and chewy and so good. My mother used to have them in the house when I was growing up. They remind me of my childhood.”

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Theresa Hammons said sand tarts were an Oakwood favorite when she and her husband, Greg, opened Ashley’s at 21 Park Avenue 35 years ago. 

Ashley’s building was constructed 90 years ago.  

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“There’s always been a bakery in this location,” Hammons said, noting that the location had housed Oakwood Bakery  and Ross Bakery before. 

Customers insisted that they make sand tarts like their predecessors. 

“You would have thought we weren’t making white bread,” Hammons recalled. “People were up in arms.”

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With ingredients that include honey, ginger, cinnamon and brown sugar, sand tart as Janney explained are topped with meringue and more cinnamon.

The cookies are 75 cents each or $9.95 per dozen. 

Hammons said generations of Oakwood kids grew up eating them.

Hammons said she and her family and staff are happy to be able to help people reconnect to parts of their lives. 

 “We ship them all over the country,” she said. “They want a piece of home.”  

Well-known for her role of Dayton native C.J. Cregg on West Wing, Janney  has had roles in “The Help,” “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” “Hairspray,” “American Beauty,” “The Girl on the Train,” “The Hours,” “Finding Nemo,” “Big Night” and “Juno.”