4 breathtaking waterfalls near Dayton you must visit this summer

Published: Thursday, July 13, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Clifton Gorge has one of the must-visit waterfalls in the Dayton-area.

Everyone knows TLC’s famous words of advice, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls.” But we think it’s in your best interest to do exactly the opposite. 

Summer is the perfect time to do a little waterfall adventuring to cool off and unwind. 

Perhaps surprising to many people even from the Dayton-area, there are actually quite a few prime waterfall spots nearby. 

Here are a handful of waterfall destinations we suggest you “chase” down this summer:

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Location: 110 Covington Ave., Ludlow Falls

The next time a heavy rain hits, make plans to find Ludlow Falls, located under the Route 48 bridge that runs over Ludlow Creek. 

When the flow of the creek is higher, the wide waterfall is quite impressive in size. An old stairway leads to a breathtaking view from below, or, walk along the edge and see the spectacle from above.

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(Photo: www.gowaterfalling.com)


Location: 2535 Ross Road, Tipp City

Arguably the most popular waterfall in the Dayton-area, this is one stop you should be sure to visit on your adventure. 

A part of the 216-acre nature preserve, Charleston Falls is hidden among nearly 4 miles of hiking trails. The stunning cascade pours over a jagged drop off into a calm pool, just a few feet away from the boardwalk trail. 

This waterfall is surely a nature photographer’s dream come true. 

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(Photo: www.homegrowngreat.com)


Location: 2381 Ohio 343, Yellow Springs

This preserve near John Bryan State Park has two trails that travel the rim of a 40-foot deep limestone gorge that holds a portion of the Great Miami River. 

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Along the gorge trails, steep, sudden drops in the stream reveal a few small waterfalls that are modest but rewarding to stumble upon.

Just east of the preserve, is the historic Clifton Mill. Although it’s man-made, the mill is home to a picturesque 20-foot waterfall that will remind you why you love the Dayton-area so dearly.

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(Photo: www.gowaterfalling.com)


Location: 204 N. Miami St., West Milton

If you’re short on time but still need a mother-nature pick-me-up, this waterfall can be your quick-fix. 

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Located in the village of West Milton, the multi-tiered fall is easy to access, with almost no hiking required. A stairway leads right up to the base where the water flows gradually from smaller and smaller cascades. 

This beloved, small-town wonder is straight out of your favorite fairy tale story. 

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(Photo: www.gowaterfalling.com)

Here’s where you can get a pizza for $3.88 today

Published: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 @ 11:13 AM

MOD Pizza is open in West Chester Twp. GREG LYNCH / STAFF
Staff Writer
MOD Pizza is open in West Chester Twp. GREG LYNCH / STAFF(Staff Writer)

There’s a new fast-casual pizza restaurant coming to town and you have an opportunity to try their ‘za before they officially open.

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MOD Pizza is set to open their second Dayton-area location at 9196 N. Main St. (Ohio 48) in the Cornerstone of Centerville tomorrow, Sept. 20th. 

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Today, MOD is offering a pre-opening special: all of their pizzas are 50% off from 11a.m. to 2 p.m. and again from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

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That’s an 11-inch pizza for just $3.88. 😱

New river-inspired restaurant and bar coming to Dayton area

Published: Monday, April 10, 2017 @ 1:50 PM

The “St. Louis of Dayton,” a canal boat used to transport freight, travels the Miami and Erie Canal near Dayton. DAYTON METRO LIBRARY / MONTGOMERY COUNTY PICTURE FILE
Staff Writer
The “St. Louis of Dayton,” a canal boat used to transport freight, travels the Miami and Erie Canal near Dayton. DAYTON METRO LIBRARY / MONTGOMERY COUNTY PICTURE FILE(Staff Writer)

Talk about turning devastation into something awesome. 

A historic watermark sign recognizing the 1913 flood is part of the inspiration for a new restaurant and lounge set to open this summer in downtown Miamisburg. 

“It is going to be half restaurant and half bar,” chef-owner Maria Walusis said of Watermark.  

Nibbles Restaurant is rebranding itself Watermark and moving two doors down from 105 S. Second St. to 20 South First St.  

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Inspiration for the restaurant and lounge’s theme was drawn from planned recreational development along the Great Miami River, the 1913 high-water mark sign at the front of the nearby historic Erie Canal Building, and Miamisburg river heritage.

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Walusis said the water theme kept rising to the top as the new restaurant was being conceived. 

“It just kind of led us to this river idea and holding on to the history of the building,” she said.

The planned location originally housed a tobacco warehouse and has its own watermark remembering the great, destructive flood, Walusis said.   

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She noted that a modern spin will be put on the historic building. Renovation work will start there soon.

Like Nibbles, Watermark will offer new American and global cuisine.

Clashmore Mike’s Chili had a “pop-up opening” today, April 10, at 105 S. Second St.

Brian Walusis, Maria Walusis’ brother-in-law, is co-founder of that restaurant with his father John, wife Diana, and sons Adam and Mark, along with business partner Tim Upton.

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A modern bar will be the centerpiece of Watermark’s lounge. 

It will be accented by Spanish tiles and feature cocktails crafted from Maria Walusis’ husband Eric Walusis, the beverage and front-of-the-house manager. 

Dayton's Best Restaurants

Nibbles open little more than two years ago. It currently seats 30 people.

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The new location will seat 40 people in the dining room and 40 people in the bar. 

There will be a patio and a private room that seats an additional 40 people. 

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Two canal boats travel north on the Miami and Erie Canal north of Miamisburg. DAYTON METRO LIBRARY / MONTGOMERY COUNTY PICTURE FILE(Staff Writer)

Downtown restaurant preparing to open cafe at new Dayton library

Published: Thursday, September 14, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

The first Dayton Library opened in 1888 and the new Main Library in downtown Dayton is opening.

It is full speed ahead for the cafe planned for the recently-opened Dayton Metro Library’s downtown branch at 215 E. Third St.

Table 33 restaurant at 130 W. Second St. will open a location at the $64 million taxpayer-supported library.

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“We have reached an agreement with Table 33. They are waiting for us to build out a drain and electrical,”Chuck Duritsch, the library’s external relations manager, said. “This is so they can produce the menu they want to offer.” 

Table 33 is opening a new location inside of the new Dayton Metro Library main branch.(Amelia Robinson)

The cafe’s menu will include food and beverages, he said.  

Duritsch said it is hard to pinpoint an exact date, but estimates that the restaurant will open sometime in late fall.

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Duritsch said the cafe’s interior will include a counter looking out to Third Street and two tables that can fit four people each. 

Seating will expand out of the cafe and into the library itself, he said. 

Food and refreshments can be eaten on most places in the library, Duritsch said. 

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Chris Dimmick, a Table 33 representative, said it is yet to be determined if the cafe will offer a delivery service within the library.  

Table 33 is opening a new location inside of the new Dayton Metro Library main branch.(Amelia Robinson)

Table 33 in downtown Dayton recently expanded its menu. Photo by Amelia Robinson(Photo: Amelia Robinson)

12 Dayton burgers that give you the best bang for your buck

Published: Monday, September 18, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Think if you've had one burger you've had them all? Take a look at at these and up your burger eating game. (Video by Tabatha Wharton)

Today, Sept. 18, is National Cheeseburger Day 🍔, so I suggest you block out some time to grab a thick, juicy burger to celebrate.

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If you are in the market for fresh destinations to secure a solid case of the meat sweats in beef patty form, you could always go with the burger restaurant brand of the year announced by the Harris Poll EquiTrend Study earlier this year — Five Guys Burgers and Fries, which was No. 1 for the year after some fairly exhaustive polling across the country.

Or, you could opt to go with something off the beaten path.

Here is my short list of throwback diners and gritty dives that offer the best bang for your burger buck with a healthy dose of history served up alongside beef patties that are flavorful and done right.

This list represents some destinations worth visiting if nothing else for the fun adventure they provide. Not all burgers are created equal, but sometimes the location and atmosphere helps add another layer of deliciousness to the meal.

The hamburger from Benjamin's.(Photo by Sheri Sine)

🍔 Benjamin’s The Burger Master

100 N. Main St., Dayton

937-223-8702 | Website

When you have “Burger Master” in your name and the subject is hamburgers, it’s the equivalent of throwing down the gauntlet. This underrated Dayton restaurant does a lot more than burgers and the cafeteria style set-up is an entertaining throwback. The burgers are as tasty as the prices.

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The Island Delight burger from Blind Bob’s a half-pound patty, stuffed with sweet pineapple and zippy pepper-jack cheese, with a teriyaki glaze, more cheese and served with a tangy wasabi-mayonnaise. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO BY ALEXIS LARSEN(Contributing Writer)

🍔 Blind Bob’s

430 E. Fifth St., Dayton

937-938-6405 | Website 

The stuffed burgers at Blind Bob’s are some of my favorites in town. The Island Delight Burger ($10) stuffed with sweet pineapple and zippy pepper-jack cheese, covered in a teriyaki glaze with a tangy wasabi-mayonnaise is a favorite, but any of the many stuffed burger options will impress and satisfy.

>> Blind Bob’s also a great destination for live, local music

George’s Family Restaurant, located at 5216 N. Dixie Drive in Dayton, revamped their menu eight years ago and now offers breakfast all day.

🍔 George’s Family Restaurant

5216 N. Dixie Drive, Dayton

937-275-0705 | Website

George’s was voted Dayton’s Best Diner in the Dayton.com Best of Dayton poll. It won with voters for a reason — it’s a great spot to grab grub with a extensive menu at reasonable prices. There are nine burgers to choose from ranging in price from $4.75 to $7.95.

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🍔 Hasty Tasty Pancake House

3509 Linden Ave., Dayton


This old-school establishment is a great place to grab breakfast. It also has a “Tasty” burger that’s has all of the makings of a Frisch’s Big Boy sandwich, but on a more robust scale. For my money you can’t go wrong with tartar sauce on a burger and this burger delivers it in spades.

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The K's Hambrugers sign was taken down Aug. 17, 2014, so it could be refurbished. It had been hanging since it opened in 1935.(Steve Baker / Staff)

🍔 K’s Hamburger Shop

117 E. Main St., Troy

937-339-3902 | Website 

This throwback diner grinds its own beef into some of the most affordable hamburgers you can get in the region. The five homemade soups (vegetable, potato, beef, noodle and chili) and homemade salads offer great pairing opportunities. If you yearn for a healthy dose of Americana, look no further.

🍔 Kewpee Hamburgers

111 N. Elizabeth, Lima


This is a drive to consider when the leaves start painting a gorgeous fall canopy. The second-oldest hamburger chain in the U.S. after White Castle has very few locations left, but three are in Lima, Ohio. Their slogan is “Hamburger pickle on top, makes your heart go flippity-flop!” Get ready for a great big dose of nostalgia and some semi-creepy baby dolls.

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Photo courtesy of The Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe Facebook.

🍔 Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe

125 N. Broadway St., Greenville

937-548-9340 | Website 

This Darke County institution’s sandwiches that it is known for are less burger, more steamed loose-meat, but it’s got all of the same ingredients, just easier to chew. This little brick building with a wall of old gum wrapping it up has been in business since 1934 with a recipe and vision that remains the same. Grab a shake or a malt and you’ll be in business.

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🍔 Nick’s Restaurant

1443 N. Detroit St., Xenia

937-372-3202 | Website 

Located off of the bike path along U.S. 68 in Xenia, the restaurants Big Nick half-pound burgers are a staple — add bacon and cheese and Nick’s special sauce for a total of $8.49. There are other burger options featured on the menu, but this is definitely the one to start with.

>> Nick’s is also famous for its chicken wings!!

🍔 Old Hickory Bar-B-Q

241 Woodman Drive, Dayton

(937) 253-4065 | Website

With nine hamburger options ranging in price from $4.25 to $5.25, this is a destination that’s easy on the wallet. Most of the burgers come dressed with BBQ sauce, so get ready for a little zing-zing.

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Slyder's Swiss bacon cheeseburger with fries. (Photo by Amelia Robinson)(Amelia Robinson)

🍔 Slyder’s Tavern

836 Watervliet Ave., Dayton

937-258-1222 | Website 

If you haven’t been to Slyder’s, make a plan to get there. Winner of the 2016 Best of Dayton poll, this is a burger that has continued to impress me for years. A seven-ounce cheeseburger is a modest $6.45, while a 10-ounce will set you back $7.15. This is a modest little neighborhood bar that puts out really great food and has been one of my go-to spots for years.

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A cheeseburger and hand cut fries at Tank's. Photo: Tank's Facebook page.(HANDOUT)

🍔 Tank’s Bar & Grill

2033 Wayne Ave., Dayton

937-252-2249 | Website

Known for its half-pound Tankburger ($7.49), this is a creation that demands you arrive hungry. Add some cheese and grilled mushroom and onion, and you are seriously cooking.

>> What’s on the menu at Tank’s?

A six-ounce patty with bacon in the grinde is complemented with deep-fried onions, special sauce and American cheese.(Jim Ingram)

🍔 Voltzy’s Rootbeer Stand

4668 Springboro Pike, Moraine


There is nothing, and I mean nothing, flashy about Voltzy’s, which is part of its great charm. That and the flavorful personality of owner Rick Volz only adds to the experience. This menu is probably the one on this list that has the most fun with the modest cheeseburger. The “Betty Ann” is a steal at just $3.40 for a double cheeseburger with raw onion, pickle, mayo and double cheese. I also love the “Yuna Lee” — a double cheeseburger with an onion ring, sweet mustard and horsey sauce. If you are looking to entertain on a budget, 10 sliders will set you back just $12. Any on this list are delicious options that are priced right, but I’ll likely be scheduling a trip to see Rick tomorrow. Voltzy’s burgers are what National Cheeseburger Day is all about!