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Understanding rules for concealed carry weapons at Wright-Patt

Published: Friday, February 09, 2018 @ 9:23 AM

            Airman 1st Class Joshua Campbell shows how to turn in a weapon to Senior Airman Alec Brennan, who is standing behind the armory window at the 88th Security Forces Armory, Bldg. 295, Area A. (U.S. Air Force photos/Laura McGowan)
Airman 1st Class Joshua Campbell shows how to turn in a weapon to Senior Airman Alec Brennan, who is standing behind the armory window at the 88th Security Forces Armory, Bldg. 295, Area A. (U.S. Air Force photos/Laura McGowan)

Along with the Second Amendment rights and privileges of gun ownership and operation comes the responsibility of properly carrying weapons, especially for personnel who live on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

“As of March 23, 2015, Ohio recognizes concealed handgun licenses from all states, according to the Ohio Attorney General’s website,” said Staff Sgt. Daniel George, NCO in charge, Police Services, 88th Security Forces Squadron. “However, the base does not offer CCW classes, and while on base property CCW holders are not authorized to carry their firearm.”

George stipulated that all CCWs permit holders who live in the enlisted dormitories on Area A are not authorized firearms in their rooms. If they own a weapon, it must be stored in the 88th Security Forces Armory, Bldg. 295, Area A.

“If dormitory Airmen wish to check the weapon out and go to an off-base range, they can do so, but they need to leave the weapon in a locked case separate from the ammunition in the trunk of their vehicle, not accessible to driver or passengers, until they are off base property,” George said.

He said when service members returning to the base with a weapon (properly stored and not accessible), they must inform the gate guard they are returning their weapon for storage in the Security Forces armory.

“Residents of the Properties at Wright Field are authorized to have their firearms in their residence, but they must utilize the same process as if they were taking their weapon out of the SF armory,” he said. “They must register their firearms with the housing management, which will then be sent to Security Forces for filing.”

Residents of the Prairies can store their weapons in their homes as long as their firearms are registered with the Prairies housing office, and they should ensure their weapons are not accessible to minors who may inadvertently fire the weapon, causing injury or death.

For additional information, call George at 937-522-4211.

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Windy and Wet, flooding threat remains through weekend

Published: Thursday, February 22, 2018 @ 3:52 AM
Updated: Thursday, February 22, 2018 @ 10:09 AM

Flooding threat continues as more rain is on the way.

Flood Watch for the following counties from 7 p.m. Thursday through 10 a.m. Sunday: Butler, Warren, Clinton

>> WHIO Doppler 7 Interactive Radar

Highest Wind gusts this morning: 

Wilmington 33MPH

Dayton Wright Bros Airport 31MPH

Dayton International Airport 29MPH 

Butler Co Regional Airport 28MPH

Wright Patt 25MPH


  • Dry for the rest of today
  • Rain returns by Friday morning
  • More rain Saturday and Sunday
  • Flooding threat remains through the weekend

5 Day Forecast with Meteorologist McCall Vrydaghs

>>Record-breaking warmth this week 


TODAY: Clouds linger through the afternoon with a few peeks of sunshine. Temperatures for the day will remain above average into the middle 40s. Clouds thicken tonight with rain developing by sunrise. Overnight lows hold to near 40 degrees.

>>5-Day Forecast

FRIDAY: Steady rain moves through during the morning with some heavy downpours reducing visibility and creating standing water on the roads. This may create issues for drivers during the morning drive. Rain should taper by midday, then drying out for the afternoon. Clouds linger with highs into the middle to upper 50s.

SATURDAY: The last day of widespread rain with scattered showers moving back in for the morning. Rain is expected to fall heavy at times for the afternoon and evening with thunderstorms and strong winds possible. Ponding on the roads and a flood threat to creeks, streams, and rivers will be possible as well. High peak around 60 degrees. 


SUNDAY: A cold front will wipe through the area early Sunday, bring an end to the rain. Temperatures will remain pleasant in the low to mid 50s with sunshine late in the day. 

>>County-by-County Weather

MONDAY: A nice start to the new week with sunshine, a few clouds, and no rain. It’ll be cooler with highs around 50 degrees. 

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Chicago TV anchor told a Muslim blogger that she didn’t ‘sound like an American.’ Her response went viral.

Published: Thursday, February 22, 2018 @ 1:15 PM

Hota Kotebi, 23, is a Muslim fashion blogger from Chicago. Katebi, who wears a hijab, went viral in January 2018 for an interview on local TV. During a debate over the Middle East, an anchor told her she didn't "sound like an American." Her response, "That's because I read, you know?" became a meme. Katebi said she hopes her interview encourages people to question social narratives.

She’s a hashtag; she’s a meme. Chicago fashion blogger Hoda Katebi’s response to a WGN-TV news anchor who told her that she doesn’t “sound like an American” when she criticizes U.S. policy in the Middle East has been reported by media in Russia, England and Dubai. More than 10 million people have seen online clips of the contentious interview.

The controversy started in late January, when Katebi, 23, and author of the 2016 book “Tehran Streetstyle,” was interviewed by WGN Morning News anchors Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten for a segment on Iranian fashion.

When Katebi, who wears a hijab, or Muslim headscarf, pushed back against the idea that Western dress in 1970s Iran connoted more freedom for women, the interview got political. Potash asked her whether Iran can be trusted when it comes to nuclear weapons, and Katebi responded with a critique of U.S. “imperialism” in the Middle East, citing “all of the violence that (the U.S.) hasn’t only created, but created the capacity for.”

» Why is Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

“A lot of Americans might take offense to that,” Baumgarten responded. “You’re an American. You don’t sound like an American when you say things.”

“That’s because I read, you know?” Katebi said, laughing as she cut off Baumgarten with a line that would become a meme.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Katebi, a University of Chicago graduate, said the interview went by in a rush and she didn’t fully process it until later when she obtained a video from a third party.

“I would not have gotten that comment had I been white,” she said of Baumgarten’s statement “You don’t sound like an American.”

“I think it (embodied) a very clear assumption that people have across the United States about Muslims as always being other, and foreign, and incompatible with the West, despite (the fact that) just two or three minutes before, we were talking about me being born and raised in Oklahoma. So, for me, that was an important moment to really bring to light a lot of assumptions that guide American thinking. But also it makes you think about, well then what does an American sound like? And what is she trying to say? (My) family is affected by U.S. policies, such as the Muslim ban — why am I not allowed to critique the state? And if I’m not American, what is American?”

WGN responded to a request for comment from Baumgarten with a written statement: “WGN anchors Robin Baumgarten and Larry Potash have apologized on the air, on social media and personally to Hoda. WGN-TV is committed to fostering education and a deeper understanding of race, religion, and identity. These are important issues and we will continue to focus on them in our reporting and community service.”

» Man planned mass shooting at Islamic center in Florida, police say

The interview got international attention after Katebi wrote about it on her blog, JooJoo Azad, on Feb 10.

“Robin called the first day the post went viral,” she said. She said Baumgarten “very much sincerely apologized,” and she accepted.

“I’m not going to hold a grudge against the station,” she said. “I don’t want this to be about WGN. I want this to be about using this as a teaching tool on a national or international scale.”

Interest kept building in the days after the post., the Dubai fashion and lifestyle brand Emirates Woman, and the Daily Mirror in Britain were among those that ran stories. A video interview by the AJ+ media company got 4.8 million views on Facebook, and a clip tweeted by a New York lawyer got more than 6 million views. On YouTube, the video of the interview got more than 190,000 views and more than 760 comments, many highly favorable: “She up there spittin’ that truth fire ever so casually.” “This girl is my hero.” “GIRL YOU GO!!!!!!!!!!”

Katebi said she hopes that her WGN interview encourages people to question simple narratives about politics and society and that it encourages others to speak out about unequal treatment.

Asked what she has learned from the experience, she laughed.

» Former Marine Corps drill instructor found guilty of mistreating three Muslim recruits

“I’ve learned that I love the internet, but I’ve also learned to really take a stand against any form of micro-aggression and not to allow myself to normalize this even on the smallest scale. I was actually debating putting (my blog post) up, initially, because I was like, it’s not that wild. This happens all the time. But eventually, I was like, ‘Oh, to hell with it. Let me put it up on the internet and see what happens.’ ”

She was in a four-hour meeting when she uploaded her blog post, and she kept her laptop closed for the next eight hours. By the time she opened it, there was an avalanche of notifications waiting for her, and her inbox was filled with emails.

“For me, to see that the world really, truly took this, and said this is unacceptable, and this is not OK, and this cannot happen again, was really powerful,” she said.

“There’s a level of violence that I think Muslims and people of color have gotten used to, and I think, for me, I learned, say no and resist that and raise the bar.”

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Homicide detectives on scene of Dayton fire, 2 burned

Published: Thursday, February 22, 2018 @ 11:09 AM

Fire Terry

UPDATE @ 12:53 p.m. (Feb. 22):

Dayton homicide detectives are on the scene of the house fire on South Terry Street, where two people suffered burns.

Our crew on the scene witnessed a person being taken from a medic to the back of a Dayton police cruiser.  We’re working to learn that individual’s connection to the fire.
We’re also working to learn the conditions of the injured victims.

UPDATE @ 11:50 a.m. (Feb. 22):

Two people were rescued from a second story bedroom and transported to a local hospital after suffering burns in a house fire on South Terry Street Thursday morning, firefighters said.

A third person, who called 911, also was rescued from the roof of the house, but was not taken to the hospital, firefighters said.

LOCAL: Troy man who posed as Clark County firefighter sentenced to prison

“We couldn’t see him he was in so much smoke,” Dayton District Chief Rennes Bowers said.

The condition of the victims taken to the hospital was not initially available, Bowers said.

Flames hit home on Terry street

Two dogs also suffered smoke inhalation and were being treated by medics, Bowers said.

PHOTOS: 2 people, pets rescued from Terry Street house fire

The fire appeared to start on the first floor of the residence, Bowers said.

UPDATE @ 11:38 a.m. (Feb. 22):

Multiple people called 911 to report a fire at a house on South Terry Street this morning, including one of the residents who said they couldn’t get out of the house.

“It’s hard to breathe,” the caller told dispatchers.  “I can’t get out.  I can’t see.”


Dispatch records showed multiple medics were requested to the scene in the first block of South Terry.

At least one person has been pulled out of the house, records show.

Firefighters were seen on the roof of the house working to put out the flames.


A fire has been reported on South Terry Street this morning.

Firefighters responded to an address in the first block of North Terry around 11 a.m.

Initial reports indicated there may be people inside the house and we’re working to confirm those reports.

At least two medics were called to the scene, according to records.

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Springfield High School female student arrested in ‘S.H.S’ threats case

Published: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 @ 8:12 PM
Updated: Thursday, February 22, 2018 @ 9:20 AM

Extra police presence at Springfield High School this morning

UPDATE @ 11:45 a.m. (Feb 22) 

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office made an arrest Thursday in correlation to the ‘S.H.S.’ school threat circulating on social media. 

The FBI and Clark County Deputies were able to obtain information on the location of where the social media post was made. The Springfield Police Department and Clark County Sheriff’s Office then executed a search warrant, seizing a number of electronic devices. Subsequently, the both divisions were able to obtain further information, which resulted in a juvenile being taken into custody. The juvenile in custody is a 17-year-old female student at Springfield High School, according to police.

The teen is facing felony inducing panic charges, authorities.

Authorities report the threat is now considered neutralized, but this case will continue to be investigated by multiple agencies.  

MORE: Teachers with guns? Some Ohio districts arm staff, but don’t tell parents or kids


Local law enforcement and school officials are aware and investigating reports on social media of possible threats against a school.

The vague social media post referenced a “SHS” school, which could include any one of many schools in the area that start with the letter “S.”

  • Springfield, Stebbins, Springboro, and others have investigated “SHS” threat
  • Threat deemed not credible by police
  • Police believe post originated in Springfield
  • Extra patrols reported at many schools

MORE: Hundreds of local students walk out, more walkouts planned

RELATED: Vague threats prompt lockdown of Fairborn High School

WALKOUTS: Can students get in trouble for #NeverAgain walkouts?

UPDATE @ 10:14 a.m.:

Springfield Police Chief Lee Graf said it appears the “SHS” school threat that spread through social media Wednesday originated in the city of Springfield.

“Through the night we have been following up on leads,” Graf said.  “"We have some suspects that we are looking at...We may be very close to origin of the original post."

Graf said the threat went viral, leading to calls coming in to the department from Mississippi and California regarding the post.

The chief said multiple jurisdictions, including the FBI, have been involved in the investigation.

UPDATE @ 9:20 a.m. 

Bob Hill, Superintendent of Springfield City Schools said class attendance is “light” at Springfield High School, following a generic threat to a “SHS” school. 

RELATED: Extra police at multiple local schools after threats

The threat to the school was determined to be not credible Wednesday night, Hill said. 

RELATED: Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center investigates threat 

“We take threats very seriously,” Hill said Thursday morning. “This affects many schools in Clark County, Springfield, Shawnee High School, Southeastern High School; this has some pretty serious and far-reaching ramifications.” 

“I do know the FBI was involved last night; the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and the Springfield Police Division also.” 

An FBI spokesman confirmed the agency is investigating the threat, but is working with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and Springfield police, who are leading the investigation. 

Hill said another rumor surfaced at the district that a gun was found at the high school Wednesday, but Hill said this report turned out to be false after it was investigated by the school. 

Southeastern Local Schools Superintendent David Shea said leaders in the district are also taking precautions in light of the threats. 

“We have three South Charleston Police officers at our high school and two at Miami View Elementary School today,” Shea said. 

A number of police officers will remain at the school all day, Shea said. 

A number of students stayed home, likely out of fear of the threat, Shea said, and he understood the concerns of parents due to recent school shootings nationwide. 


Lt. Jeff Williams of Springfield police said since Tuesday evening when reports surfaced of an 8-year-old male arrested for an unloaded gun at Simon Kenton Elementary, that many social media posts have surfaced and been shared. 

RELATED: Superintendent: Springfield schools safe, even after gun in backpack

Williams said many “rumors” are being investigated by Springfield police. He said police believe it is “misinformation” circulating around and they do not believe any credible threat exists.

However, Springfield police will have extra patrols at the high school Thursday.

Parents in the Mad River Local Schools — as well as Springboro — were issued one-calls Wednesday evening.

The Mad River call from the superintendent said they are aware of a social media threat against “SHS” and are investigating whether it was directed to Stebbins High School or another school.

“Every school that starts with an “S” has done that,” Williams said of being on alert.

In an email sent to Springboro parents Wednesday night, the district said the school resource officer and administrative team has been in constant contact with the Springboro Police Department. 

Williams said officers spent most of Wednesday tracking down social media posts and speaking with witnesses in Springfield.

Williams said they don’t know who exactly made the post yet but they are in the process of tracking the source of the post.

“We are investigating every possible lead,” Williams said.

He added even the FBI called Springfield to offer assistance — if they need it, but the FBI is not involved at the moment. 

Williams said Springfield police are fielding calls from police agencies in other states with “S” schools. He declined to share which states have made inquiries.

Springfield High School’s website now includes a message on the homepage about this social media threat. School will be in session Thursday.

Springfield City Schools posted this message on its high school website, Feb. 21, 2018.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday evening said they are also investigating these threats.

In Shelby County, the Sidney school district posted to its website that it is aware of the threat. In their post it says law enforcement determined the post was made from outside of Ohio. That district will have increased patrols Thursday.

Toledo police sent a tweet about the threat, saying it’s likely a hoax, but is being taken seriously.

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