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Posted: 11:33 a.m. Monday, Nov. 11, 2013

Hospital vows new technology will reduce radiation


Officials at Dayton Children's Hospital say new technology will reduce radiation levels 'significantly'. photo
Officials at Dayton Children's Hospital say new technology will reduce radiation levels 'significantly'.

By Breaking News Staff


Officials at a local hospital say new technology is allowing them to significantly reduce radiation exposure to their young patients during computed tomography and other procedures.

Dayton Children's Hospital officials are touting new software called AIDR 3D as the key to this claim. In a release today, they say the software will allow them to cut exposure by as much as 80 percent to the infants and children they treat with CT scans.

"As pediatric radiologists, we are very aware that radiation exposure has small risks and that these risks are greatest in children," Dr. Elizabeth Ey said. "Anything we can do to reduce radiation exposure in medical imaging is important."

The hospital purchased the new software from Toshiba for $200,000, according to the release.

The hospital's department of medical imaging also recently added new fluoroscopy radiology units that they say will reduce exposure by as much as 50 percent in those treatments.

Ey says these new technologies are significant but there is a limit to how low a radiation dose can be used for treatment to be effective.

"If the dose is too low, there won't be enough information to make a clear image," she said.

According to the release, Dayton Children's Hospital performs about 3,500 CT scans and over 3,000 fluoroscopy studies each year.

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